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Discussion > WoWJan 30, 2024 8:00 am CT

How would you make Dragonriding races more fun?

Dragonriding has been one of the best new features of World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Similarly, the races that are scattered around every zone on the Dragon Isles and throughout the rest of Azeroth (and Outland) have been a really fun way to push your dragons to the limits while you listen to Danger ZoneWith the Outland Cup coming to a close at the end of January I got to thinking about how my experience had been on the road to getting the gold medals across the broken remains of Draenor.

I’ve really enjoyed my time racing, no matter the continent or zone I’m in. The dragon races are a great excuse to pump up the tunes and feel the wind in your character’s hair. That being said there are a few of the races that feel worse than others. Usually involving tunnels or random bits of geometry that you were sure your dragon wouldn’t get caught on. Flying through tunnels feels amazing — when it works right. It feels less so when your camera angle means you careen into the side of it and lose your momentum. So how would I improve dragon races?

Better pathing for one. Find a good balance between cool moments of threading a needle or flying through thorny brambles and making sure that you’re not going to spend an undue amount of time on the same race as every time you get caught on the same tree branch 20 seconds into the race.

I’d also like to see more talents that are specifically geared towards racing. Maybe there could be a second talent tree of things that only activate in a race so that you have more options for improving your racing abilities beyond just learning how to do the flicking camera trick consistently.

I’d also like to see more rewards for repeating the same races over and over again or better ways to target the dragon customizations. There are still a few options out there I haven’t gotten lucky enough to get and I want to complete my collection!

So how about you, how would you improve your dragon racing experience? Especially since we’re going to see way more mounts get the dynamic flight in The War WithinI imagine that dragon races are here to stay.

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