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HearthstoneFeb 7, 2024 5:30 pm CT

The decks you need to win the Clockwork Card Dealer – Standard Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

The robots take over in this week’s Clockwork Card Dealer – Standard Hearthstone Tavern Brawl. The Innkeeper and Bartender Bob never knew what hit them. The robots burst into the Tavern and said “Hasta la vista, baby” as they tossed them out and replaced them with Clockwork Golems. But never fear, my friends, while Bartender Bob muttered something about the spicy pretzel mustard, the Innkeeper yelled, “I’ll be back!”

Let’s take a look at just how to win this week’s robo-themed Tavern Brawl. Come with me if you want to play.

Tavern Brawl basics

  • Name: Clockwork Card Dealer – Standard
  • Description: Tinkertown gnomes are testing their prototype card-bot: Optimotron! The card you draw on turn 1 will be a 1-cost card, if you have one. On turn 2, a 2-cost card…
  • Fun level: 3/10* Personal preference. Some players will give it a much higher score.
  • Difficulty: 7/10* Depending on the size of your card collection.
  • Replayability: 2/10
  • Format: Standard
  • Type: PVP
  • Deck: Constructed
  • Rewards: 1 Standard card pack (can contain a card from any set in the current Standard rotation)

They could have called this the On Curve Brawl. Each turn, the Clockwork Dealer will try to deal you a card with a mana cost equal to the turn. 1 mana cards on turn 1. 2 mana cards on turn 2. 6 mana cards on turns 6. It gives players a great deal of control over the most random aspect of any card game: the draw.

How to win the Clockwork Card Dealer – Standard Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

The most important thing you’ll need to win this Brawl is a good deck. In constructed Brawls, players discover the most powerful lists very quickly, which leads to the Brawl falling into a meta structure like we see on the ladder. This is a repeated Brawl, but it’s Standard format. Standard has seen dramatic changes since the last time this Brawl was in the rotation. Many of the deck used last time will no longer be viable.

Overall, this Brawl awards aggressive play. Tempo is the name of the game here. You want play the card you draw most turns.

The decks you need to win the Clockwork Card Dealer Tavern Brawl

The last time we played this Brawl, the most recent expansion was Murder at Castle Nathria. Since then, we’ve had changes to the Core set, plus we’ve seen March of the Lich King, Festival of Legends, Titans, and Showdown in the Badlands added to the game. We’ve also bid adios to Forged in the Barrens, United in Stormwind, and Fractured in the Alterac Valley.

With cards from United in Stormwind banished to Wild, players have lost access to the MVP of previous Clockwork Card Dealer Brawl’s, the Priest Quest Seek Guidance. That card was tailor made for a Brawl like this. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the available cards for us to build our decks with are radically different this time around.

TheGingerNinga’s Relic Demon Hunter

Deck code:


Like most Demon Hunter decks, this has a solid early game, and with the Clockwork Brawl rules, it curves nicely into its bigger threats.

Kaze_No_Oni’s Elemental Mage

Deck code: 


With the predictable draw, it is easy to activate your “if you played an Elemental” effects. Play either Therazane or Lorthemar on turn 7, and then take the game with your buffed 10 mana minions.

DeloresMulva’s Mech Paladin
Deck code:


This deck has a good early game to keep up with Demon Hunter. If you can keep your mechs alive, you can buff them with you magnetic minions in the mid game and wait for your big mechs to rein down destruction in the end game.

jisner’s Reno Shaman
Deck code:


This deck sets up a very specific game plan by forcing the Clockwork dealer to give the player the exact cards they need. You’ll play Shock Hopper into Flame Revenant into Minecart Cruiser into Pozzik, Audio Engineer into Doctor Holli’dae. After that, you start dropping your huge threats.

Honor’s Rock and Roll Warrior

Deck code:


Play Finley on turn one, Guard the City on turn two, Steam Guardian on turn three, and then Black Rock and Roll on turn four (with the cost reduction from Steam Guardian). Then just plop down huge taunt after huge taunt. I’m also seeing plenty of Reno Warrior with only Brann, Lor’themar, Reno, and Trench Stalker in their respective mana costs. I decided to go with my own deck instead.

Nemsy Necrofizzle

Art by Tooth

Meta Sludge Warlock

Deck code:


For those of you who don’t want to create a custom deck just for the Brawl, Sludge Warlock is performing well. You may want to tweak it so Sludge on Wheels is your only 3 mana card, but otherwise you don’t need to make any changes.

More Clockwork Card Dealer – Standard lists

Hopefully, one of these decks listed here should get you the W. Keep checking Hearthstone Top Decks, because there are more Tavern Brawl decks being added by the hour. If you find another great list, share it with us in the comments.

Originally posted on July 22, 2021; last updated February 7, 2024

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