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WoW ClassicFeb 29, 2024 4:00 pm CT

Addons to help you succeed in WoW Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore’s Self-Found mode goes live today, February 29 at 3PM pacific time, and gives Hardcore players a new challenge to overcome if they choose to — players can’t trade items with other players through any means (including mailing items between characters) or use the Auction House, so players need to be self-sufficient and reliant when it comes to creating their own items.

When Hardcore realms first launched, we came up with a list of addons to help players survive in a deadlier Azeroth and we’ve come up with a few more to help anyone undertaking the Self-Found challenge.


Professions are going to be an integral part of Self-Found and AlaTradeSkill becomes an all-in-one profession information hub that tracks your current and future skill levels, profession trainers, source of recipes, and each recipe’s ingredients including how much you’ll need of each. A lot of this addon is geared towards ultimately selling items on the Auction House but there’s still plenty of utility for solo players.

Download AlaTradeSkill


Hardcore, by its nature, is the tortoise in the race and Self-Found doubles down on that so it may seem odd to use an addon that’s tailored to speed running. The obvious benefit of RestedXP is its optimized leveling and questing routes, but it also can create routes for profession gathering. It also has a “hardcore” option that creates safer leveling routes avoiding dangerous situations.

Download RestedXP


Depending on your playstyle and how you use it, GatherLite could be a good alternative or complementary addon to RestedXP. Specifically for Mining and Herbalism gathering, GatherLite marks locations on your map where you have gathered, mined, or harvested, any plants and ores. The downside is that instead of real time tracking, GatherLite simply remembers where you found a resource, meaning it could be there or it could be empty.

Download GatherLite


Storage space and bags are going to be the eternal boss battle of Self-Found players because not only are players going to have to create their own, if they want to level up any skills it means that bank space is going to be mostly dedicated to profession materials. Baganator helps players manage and transfer items between any storage compartment they have on their character and their bank.

Download Baganator

Self-Found may be a niche addition to Classic Hardcore but it’s still significant because it paves the way for the addition of other modifiers and challenge that influence playstyles, but we’ll have to wait and see how it resonates with larger groups of players. If you’re going to attempt the challenge, good luck in Azeroth!

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