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Discussion > WoWApr 9, 2024 8:00 am CT

How far have you gotten in your journey to acquire Taivan?

I was originally going to write this a few weeks ago, but since I only needed three more quests to spawn to complete A World Awoken Dragonflight meta-achievement I felt like it would be bragging. Two weeks later … and I still need three more quests. So while waiting for RNG to favor me I thought I’d check to see how everyone else is doing.

The amount of tasks required to finish A World Awoken is sizable and can be daunting if you haven’t been subbed all expansion, and while I did take some time away from the game during patch 10.1, I had gone back to complete Que Zara(lek) Zara(lek) when I started playing more so I didn’t need to worry about that — I even got the Seething Cache, although I do agree with its removal from the criteria. It was a pain when no one else was doing it, so I imagine it would be an even larger one now that many people would be interested in completing the achievement.

The most difficult part was hitting all the Mythic dungeons, made even more complex by the fact that none of them are in the current Mythic+ rotation so the only way to do them was to find like-minded people. Fortunately the Groupfinder helped with this — and it also helped that current gearing helps to overwhelm them, so that we didn’t always need a tank or even five players. While it’ll be easier to find groups running the dungeons in Season 4 as all of them will be in the rotation, the increase in difficulty means they’ll need to be taken seriously by players. So if you’d rather do them in easy mode now I’d get cracking.

The most interesting aspect of this achievement is that we didn’t know about it until it went live since there was no PTR for patch 10.2.6. Which is kind of disappointing because I’m sure the three quests I will apparently need forever spawned during the normal PTR interval. It’s not that I felt I should’ve had it on day one of the patch, but I’m used to being informed about desirable rewards in advance so I can plan accordingly for them. On the plus side, this achievement appears to be sticking around past the end of Dragonflight, so even if you’re hesitant to PUG the Mythic dungeons at some point you’ll be able to solo them.

What about you? Are you working towards getting the best boy mount? What else do you need to complete to finish? Or are you waiting for later to complete it?

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