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Diablo > DiscussionApr 12, 2024 8:00 am CT

What would you do with a Diablo 4 non-combat pet?

I won’t say I played a bit of Torchlight over the years because that would be like saying I occasionally like to talk about dinosaurs — it’s true but a bit of an understatement. While there are a lot of Action RPGs out there to choose from — and I’m really big into the Diablo franchise and am not likely to ever really leave it — I will say that the companion pet system from the original Torchlight is possibly the best system because it lets you have a pet who does useful things. It does contribute a bit in combat like many other pet archetypes, and they’ll pick up gold from the ground for you, too. Where the Torchlight companions separate from the pack is their ability to literally separate from the pack. Torchlight companions have their own inventory separate from yours that you can pack with all the loot you don’t really want, and you can send your pet back into town on its own, where it’ll sell everything to a vendor, then return to the fray a few minutes later with the proceeds.

Back in the day I made the case for the followers in Diablo 3 becoming, say, llamas or what have you. But in the regard of having someone following you hoover up all the loot and take it back to the store, at least Diablo 3 had a pet who would pick up random loot even if it wouldn’t provide the extra service of vendoring it all for you. Frankly, I feel like D3 was already lagging behind in the “deal with this for me so I can keep smashing things” department and D4 has now taken a step even further back. Sure, the mounts are pretty and let you get around faster which is nice. But why can’t we have working saddlebags on the things? I mean, even if the mount won’t take our gathered treasure and make us some gold with it imagine if you could access your stash from them, or even just shove a couple items in there and keep grinding?

I feel like the upcoming loot changes in Diablo 4 will help a bit by making less cruft drop, and that’s great, but I still want a something. I specifically say “something,” because it should be a something, one that fits into the gory Diablo universe, like an evil hand or a malevolent treasure chest that’s obviously a mimic that follows me around grabbing all that stuff for me so I don’t have to. And then takes it to the store for me, again, so I don’t have to.

What would you do with your Diablo 4 companion if you had one? And if you had one, would it be a llama?

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