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Warcraft RumbleApr 23, 2024 4:00 pm CT

When does Warcraft Rumble Season 6 start, and what’s in it?

Blizzard has been consistent in their goal of six-week seasons in Warcraft Rumble, and the latest season is no different. Six weeks after the beginning of Season 5 — and what aligns with the in-game countdown timer — puts Rumble Season 6 starting on May 29, 2024.

What’s new in Rumble Season 6?

Blizzard has yet to confirm official Season 6 Rumble content, but they have a pretty solid track record of including a few staple additions most if not every Season:

  • A new Mini, available via PVP and the guild War Craft
  • New emotes, also available via PVP and the guild War Chest
  • New PVP maps and rulesets that shake up Ranked Play
  • New cosmetics, like Tower Skins
    • It’s worth noting that “every other season” (starting with Season 1) was supposed to contain Tower Skins, but Season 5 did not follow that tradition, so there’s still every chance that Season 6 contains updated looks for your towers.

Announced Warcraft Rumble content that hasn’t been released yet

With Rumble Season 4, Blizzard made it pretty clear that we were no longer following the slate shown off at BlizzCon 2023. With that in mind, here’s everything we’ve seen previewed that has yet to make its premiere in Rumble. (Please note: Just because content has been mentioned in the past does not guarantee it’s still on the table!)

Character Skins

It’s hard to say the likelihood of this one is as high as the others on this list, but Blizzard introduced Character Skins with the Kobold a few seasons back, and one of the concepts “being explored” was the concept of Leader Skins. Given the same post also mentioned “soon-to-be-released Family-themed Kobolds” and we have yet to see those, however, I would not count on this being the highest priority for Rumble’s future. (Though, please prove me wrong, Blizz!)

More Co-Op Modes

Nebulous but at least less nebulous than Character Skins, new modes are also one of the “in the works” items on Blizzard’s list — but they tie into at least one of the items below, which makes them feel more likely. Blizzard has expressed their desire to put a heavier emphasis on co-op game modes where players party with their guildmates. We don’t know a whole lot about the specifics, except that the goal is to be able to party with guild members and take on challenge likes raids, much like one would in WoW.

Zone: Moonglade

One of the more surprising absentees from Rumble‘s updates thus far has been the addition of Moonglade. At first, it seemed like Moonglade would make a perfect addition for Season 4, alongside the Faerie Dragon — but the Faerie Dragon didn’t end up arriving until Season 5, and Moonglade didn’t premiere alongside it.

It’s worth mentioning that the Darkmoon Faire — something not teased until the start of Season 4did arrive alongside the Faerie Dragon. Even if Blizzard has seemingly changed the release timing for some of Rumble’s content, they still seem to be releasing comparable updates at their 6-week cadence.

Dungeon: Scholomance

In a move that would round out the dungeon rotation (i.e., provide one unique dungeon each week for the whole season), Scholomance is another of the BlizzCon 2023 additions that has yet to make its way to the game.

Raid: Molten Core

Last on the list: Molten Core. It’s quite possible MC will arrive in the middle of Season 5 before Season 6’s launch; Rumble’s first raid has been teased for quite some time now and, unlike the other entries above this one, it was re-teased in the same Season 4 trailer that hinted at the Darkmoon Faire. It’s also content that Blizzard has previously started would be “available for a limited time each Season.” Likewise, the Ragnaros Mini from the raid has been previously referred to as “[not] part of seasonal content but tied to the release of the Molten Core raid.”

In other words, even though we don’t have any specific timing other than two small teases a few months apart, a mid-Season drop is quite possible for Molten Core. Whether that — along with any of the other features above — comes in Season 5, Season 6, or beyond remains to be seen.

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