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The QueueMay 10, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Fly Me To The Queue

Fly me to The Queue
And let me play with Hearthstone cards
Let me see what queues are like
In Overwatch and WoW

In other words
Play StarCraft
In other words
Let’s do Queue things!


Q4tQ: Mists Remixed is concluding when the TWW prepatch event starts. Do you think we will see other expansions remixed in a similar time frame, saved for the lul between an expansions final raid tier and the next expansion? Or do you think we might get some mid expansion?

I do think we’ll see more Remix events in the future, actually. The community seems very excited about this one — quite the different reaction from what Plunderstorm got. It’s too early to say if it’ll be a success, but people who’ve tested it seem almost unanimously impressed. The crazy powers and abilities look like a ton of fun, the rewards are good, and you get a max level character out of the deal. So chances it’ll succeed seem pretty good!

Besides, it’s easy to imagine popular expansions like Wrath of the Lich King, Burning Crusade, and Legion — especially Legion — remixed in this manner.


Hmm… *thinks* Do you play music when on WoW or do you listen to the in-game music? For me, it’s a bit of a toss-up as whenever I listen to external music, there’s always that one quest that has VA, and then I’m pausing it in an out. Then, when I’m stuck as to what to listen too, no VA at all.

When I’m doing content for the first time, I crank up the volume and listen to everything: the music, the voice acting, the sound effects. But once the novelty wears off and I’ve grown used to those zones or quests, I usually set the volume down to 15%-20%, and just listen to YouTube or TV while playing.


If you could visit one place in Wow as yourself, no special skills beyond an absurdly lucky streak in dangerous situations (ie the Two-Flowers as perpetual tourist setting) where would you go and what would you like to see?. Feel free to ignore real life physics like standing next to lava being bad, but you are not a wow hero and can’t cast magic or spells (but everyone else still can)

Some place calm and with friendly locals, definitely. I’m thinking Pandaria, for sure — Halfhill, in the Valley of the Four Winds. I mean, I know there are Hozen and Virmen and Mantid and what-have-you, but a lot of peaceful farmers live there, so it can’t be constantly dangerous, right? The Shado-Pan are there!

I’d grow carrots and help Mudmug make brew. Maybe I’d learn to play the kazoo and get a job at the inn. Or maybe I’d apply at the Stormstout Brewery. I’d probably go looking for stray Dogs and take care of them. And I’d go swimming in lakes and look for treasure behind waterfalls. It’d be a nice life, probably.


1. Will we be able to level to max level in the Pandaria Remix event or only to 10 levels below Dragonflight max level?
2. What are you most looking forward to revisiting in Pandaria, if you’re choosing to participate?
3. Do you have a particular, specific cosmetic or collectible you’re going to target first and foremost in the event?
4. Will you create a red, tailed panda?

1. Max level. The stated goal by Blizzard is that it’ll allow players to get characters that are ready to “jump straight into The War Within.”

2. Raiding! Mists was the last expansion in which I did any “real” raiding, and I loved the raids in that expansion (especially Throne of Thunder). I’m glad that we’ll be able to tackle those raids as part of the leveling experience.

3. I honestly haven’t really taken much of a look at what’s available! I’m kinda trying to keep it a surprise.

4. It’s… it’s possible. I hadn’t given it a lot of thought, but you know? I might do just that.


Q4tQ Are you coming back for ReMists? What race/class are you going to use if you do?

A red, tailed panda, I decided just now. Possibly a Warrior.


Q4Red: If you could be friends with any of the Persona 3-5 teams, who would you choose? Pretend you’re their age.

Oh, it has to be the Investigation Team from Persona 4. Out of the three teams, they’re the one that feels the most like a real-life close-knit group of friends. Also, they have that “small town” vibe that makes friends seem really close to each other — and I can kinda relate to that, having grown up in a smaller town and still having a few of those teenage days friendships from way back then.


Q4tQ: How is Unicorn Overlord going? Personally I feel content to let the game sit, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I am a little tempted to try a True Zenorian difficulty run in the future. Enemies have more HP, deal more damage, you are limited to only 5 items uses per stage, and permadeath is the penalty if everyone in a formation dies.

I’m just killing time until I tackle the final mission of the game. Getting more rapport conversations and optimizing my skills and gear. Because… I don’t want it to end!

This always happens to me whenever I find myself really engrossed by a game. It takes me ages to get through those final parts of games I’m enjoying because I really want to savor them until the very last drop. And Unicorn Overlord is no different.

Like you, I’m almost certainly going to replay it eventually — though not immediately, cause my backlog is already filled this year, and only set to increase even further.


1) How lethal would a Shaman with an active lighting shield jumping into a small pond be to other swimmers around the splash zone?

2) You think there will be an expansion that’ll let the cooking profession make food based projectile weapons?

1) Considering that this is Azeroth and people have high HP derived from enchanted gear and magical means, as well as defensives they can pop, I’d say it’d be about 23.7% lethal, give or take. Like, it’d kill the Murlocs, it’d damage the Nagas, but adventurers like ourselves would only be slightly inconvenienced.

2) Yeah. It’ll be called World of Warcraft: Bananas of Tel’abim. We’ll finally explore the South Seas, and we’ll do it with Banana Boats!

Fill my heart with HotS
And let me go ham on the core
Kills are all I long for
In Diablos Two and Four

In other words
Please drop loot
In other words
I love you <3

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