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WoW ClassicMay 20, 2024 2:00 pm CT

Every Gem available in World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic

Cataclysm Classic is on the way and as always a new expansion brings new enchants and new gems to give your character power above what gear can provide. In Cata Classic we still have meta gems that slot in your helm and require you to have the certain color gems socketed on your gear to activate, and Jewelcrafters get access to special gems that they can use for additional stats as a profession bonus. Engineers can now socket their profession-made goggles with Cogwheels that are purchased from Engineering vendors.

There are a couple changes from Wrath Classic: meta gems only come in one raw form (Shadowspirit Diamond), and there are no prismatic gems. The “perfect” cut mechanic still exists so you’ll be able to make or purchase uncommon gems with additional stats. The new gems can only be slotted in ilevel 285 or higher gear, although there is no upper limit for older gems so you can use gems from previous expansions in a pinch.

Epic gems were added in the Dragon Soul patch, which is equivalent to Phase 4 in Cata Classic and is scheduled to arrive in January 2025. At that time this article will be updated to include those options.

It’s important to note that while you need to match the gem slot color in order to activate any bonuses on the socketed gear, you are not required to use a specific color in a slot — you can put a red gem in a blue slot. While this is usually suboptimal (since you’re sacrificing bonuses), it is a way to make sure your meta gem is activated when you do not have the needed slots.

Every single-color gem in Cataclysm Classic

These gems go in the socket of their exact color in order to unlock bonuses — red gems in red sockets, etc.

Red gems

Delicate: Agility
Brilliant: Intellect
Bold: Strength
Precise: Expertise Rating
Flashing: Parry Rating

Yellow gems

Smooth: Critical Strike Rating
Subtle: Dodge Rating
Quick: Haste
Fractured: Mastery
Mystic: Resilience Rating

Blue gems

Sparkling: Spirit
Solid: Stamina
Rigid: Hit Rating
Stormy: Spell Penetration

Every multi-color gem in Cataclysm Classic

These gems offer a combination of stats and can be placed in one of two different color sockets, based on the colors they’re comprised of:

  • Orange gems can go in red or yellow sockets
  • Purple gems can go in blue or red sockets
  • Green gems can go in blue and yellow sockets

They count towards color requirements for bonuses, including those for meta gems. Using these gems lets you customize your stats a bit more without abandoning your bonuses.

Green gems

Piercing: Critical Strike and Hit Rating
Jagged: Critical Strike and Stamina
Nimble: Dodge and Hit Rating
Regal: Dodge and Stamina
Lightning: Haste and Hit Rating
Forceful: Haste and Stamina
Sensei’s: Mastery and Hit Rating
Zen: Mastery and Spirit
Puissant: Mastery and Stamina
Steady: Resilience and Stamina
Vivid: Resilience and Spell Penetration
  • Vivid Dream Emerald: +20 Resilience Rating, +20 Spell Penetration (the Vivid prefix does not exist on uncommon gems)

Orange gems

Deadly: Agility and Critical Strike
Polished: Agility and Dodge
Deft: Agility and Haste
Adept: Agility and Mastery
Lucent: Agility and Resilience
  • Lucent Ember Topaz: +20 Agility, +20 Resilience Rating (the Lucent prefix does not exist on uncommon gems)
Resolute: Expertise and Dodge
Keen: Expertise and Mastery
Potent: Intellect and Critical Strike
Reckless: Intellect and Haste
Artful: Intellect and Mastery
Willful: Intellect and Resilience
  • Willful Ember Topaz: +20 Intellect, +20 Resilience Rating (the Willful prefix does not exist on uncommon gems)
Fine: Parry and Mastery
Inscribed: Strength and Critical Strike
Fierce: Strength and Haste
Skillful: Strength and Mastery
Resplendent: Strength and Resilience Rating
  • Resplendent Ember Topaz: +20 Strength, +20 Resilience Rating (the Resplendent prefix does not exist on uncommon gems)

Purple gems

Glinting: Agility and Hit Rating
Shifting: Agility and Stamina
Accurate: Expertise and Hit Rating
Guardian’s: Expertise and Stamina
Veiled: Intellect and Hit Rating
Purified: Intellect and Spirit
Timeless: Intellect and Stamina
Retaliating: Parry and Hit Rating
Defender’s: Parry and Stamina
Etched: Strength and Hit Rating
Sovereign: Strength and Stamina

Every special gem in Cataclysm Classic

Meta gems

Meta Gems are slotted into head gear, and provide their stats when the required condition is met.

Agile Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Agility, 3% Increased Critical Damage
Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Critical Strike Rating, 3% Increased Critical Damage
Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Critical Strike Rating, 1% Spell Reflect
Impassive Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Critical Strike Rating, Fear Duration Reduced by 10%
Enigmatic Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Critical Strike Rating, Reduces Snare/Root Duration by 10%
Ember Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Intellect, 2% Maximum Mana
Burning Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Intellect, 3% Increased Critical Damage
Bracing Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Intellect, 2% Reduced Threat
Forlorn Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Intellect, Silence Duration Reduced by 10%
Fleet Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Mastery Rating, Minor Run Speed Increase
Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Spirit, 3% Increased Critical Healing Effect
Austere Shadowspirit Diamond: +81 Stamina, 2% Increased Armor Value from Items
Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond: +81 Stamina, 1% Shield Block Value
Effulgent Shadowspirit Diamond: +81 Stamina, Reduce Spell Damage Taken by 2%
Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond: +81 Stamina, Stun Duration Reduced by 10%
Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond: +54 Strength, 3% Increased Critical Damage

Chimera’s Eye gems

Chimera’s Eye gems are special Jewelcrafter-only gems that provide a profession bonus. Characters are restricted to a maximum three socketed Chimera’s Eyes in their gear. They do still possess color and follow the requirements for socket bonuses and meta gems.

Red Chimera’s Eye gems

Bold Chimera’s Eye: +67 Strength
Brilliant Chimera’s Eye: +67 Intellect
Delicate Chimera’s Eye: +67 Agility
Flashing Chimera’s Eye: +67 Parry Rating
Precise Chimera’s Eye: +67 Expertise

Yellow Chimera’s Eye gems

Fractured Chimera’s Eye: +67 Mastery Rating
Smooth Chimera’s Eye: +67 Critical Strike Rating
Mystic Chimera’s Eye: +67 Resilience Rating
Quick Chimera’s Eye: +67 Haste Rating
Subtle Chimera’s Eye: +67 Dodge Rating

Blue Chimera’s Eye gems

Solid Chimera’s Eye: +101 Stamina
Rigid Chimera’s Eye: +67 Hit Rating
Sparkling Chimera’s Eye: +67 Spirit
Stormy Chimera’s Eye: +84 Spell Penetration

Cogwheel sockets for Engineering Helms

Engineers are able to craft their own goggles in Cataclysm Classic and in lieu of secondary stats they possess Cogwheel sockets which are purchased from Engineering vendors. Even though the goggles have multiple sockets, it’s important to know that they are unique-equipped — Engineers can’t stack one stat in their helms.

Flashing Cogwheel: +208 Parry Rating
Fractured Cogwheel: +208 Mastery Rating
Mystic Cogwheel: +208 Resilience Rating
Precise Cogwheel: +208 Expertise Rating
Quick Cogwheel: +208 Haste Rating
Rigid Cogwheel: +208 Hit Rating
Smooth Cogwheel: +208 Critical Strike Rating
Sparkling Cogwheel: +208 Spirit
Subtle Cogwheel: +208 Dodge Rating

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