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Discussion > WoWJun 20, 2024 8:00 am CT

How do you fight the pre-expansion doldrums?

Well, we’re in that time of World of Warcraft‘s lifecycle again. We’ve kicked down all the doors, completed all the quests, and looted everything that isn’t nailed down. It feels like all there is left to do is wait for the next expansion to come out, and we hates waiting, Precious. So what do we do to fill the time?

The ironic thing is that there’s been more to do during this pre-expansion season than any one to come previously. We have Awakened raids to keep us occupied when it comes to group content and currently relevant loot, not to mention titles and mounts. Not that long ago, there was Plunderstorm, a brand new short-term game mode which I had significantly more fun with than I’d expected, but that’s over so it doesn’t help us anymore. There’s the War Within beta, if you’re fortunate enough to be part of it, but that has the usual drawback of being ephemeral when it comes to progression. And, of course, there’s the Into the Storm achievement to earn yourself the goodest of boys. Perhaps biggest of all, there’s WoW Remix, taking us back to Pandaria for a few months for some quality timerunning.

Blizzard has really gone all-out this expansion in making sure there’s content for people to play as Dragonflight ages out, and I think they’re to be commended for that effort. But as enjoyable as the Awakened raid victory lap was to stomp through, and as much fun as I’ve had with Plunderstorm and Remists, I still find myself casting about for more to do, and the urge to do it. They collectively feel a bit to me like a bowl of Halloween candy when you’re a kid: a delicious treat to descend on ravenously for a few minutes, but ultimately empty calories that don’t leave you satisfied in the long term. Is that uncharitable of me? Maybe, but I can’t help how I feel about the situation.

So I find myself casting about for other things to do in the game. I still need to do the Harbinger quests that were added a while back in preparation for The War Within, for example, I just haven’t had the executive function to get around to it. Maybe I’ll level a Death Knight on Remists, I haven’t played one of those in a while, and the pace should be nice and quick with my fully powered cloak. What about the rest of you? What are you doing to stay occupied during this pre-expansion season?

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