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When is the D&D 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide release date?

The second in the slate of three upcoming Dungeons and Dragons sourcebooks, the D&D 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide 2024 is releasing November 12, 2024. Preorders are currently live on D&D Beyond, with the physical edition listed at $49.99 and the digital edition listed at $29.99. If you add both to your cart, the digital edition is only $10. You can also pre-order a bundle featuring all three upcoming Dungeons and Dragons 2024 sourcebooks, in physical, digital, or both.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide has always served as just that — a guidebook to all the intricacies of DMing a game, from worldbuilding to mechanics. The DMG will help you to create an encounter complete with maps, populate it with some monsters, give your players items as rewards without the hassle, and give their characters the motivation to leave the tavern where they all met and trek to your cool new locale in the first place. For veteran DMs, it also has your back in terms of stats and mechanics for the more rules lawyers-style players you may have in your party. There are new rules for constructing bastions and new rules for crafting magical items, both of which seem quite complicated — and have me eager to get my hands on this book to read more.

DMs of all experience levels will benefit from the inclusion of an adventure in the Greyhawk setting. This campaign will explore a world we haven’t seen much of in more recent published D&D materials, but it served as a cornerstone for early development on the game back in the 70s, and was not only a test bed, but remained in the game to become one of the first published campaign settings. This is where iconic characters like Melf of Melf’s Acid Arrow got their start. Greyhawk being a part of the 2024 Dungeon Master’s Guide is both a return of a fan favorite and a great way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of such a beloved franchise.

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