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Anna Bell

Anna Bell @liopleurodonic — Anna Bell -- and yes that is her real name -- has 2 small kids, a degree in English literature, and has been playing video games as long as she can remember. In addition to Blizzard's game she's also into Farm Simulator esports, and romanced Alistair in Dragon Age.

The Queue: I have a case of alt-itis

I’m torn. I know I’m going to level a Vulpera. I mean, if you know me even a little, you know that’s happening. However, now that Shadowlands was announced, I really want to go back through and do all that content dating back to Cataclysm, when Sylvanas may-or-may-not have first made her deal with The Jailer. The catch is, Vulpera will likely start at a higher level, and I’d really like to go through all the Silverpine quests. Also, I have to wait for them to be released, and waiting is hard.

While I wrestle with this conundrum, we have some Queuein’ to get to…in.

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