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Anna Bell

Anna Bell @liopleurodonic — Anna Bell -- and yes that is her real name -- has 2 small kids, a degree in English literature, and has been playing video games as long as she can remember. In addition to Blizzard's game she's also into Farm Simulator esports, and romanced Alistair in Dragon Age.

The Queue: A Very Classic Queuemas

Welcome to The Queue, our daily column where you ask us Qs and we make somebody on staff supply the As. Unsurprisingly, with less than a week to go a vast majority of y’all are talking about WoW Classic. It reminds me a little of those one-off Christmas episodes of sitcoms, where it’s pretty much the same old wacky antics only this time the industrial wood chipper Urkel made sentient and is running amok has a bow on it. So basically, Winter Veil in Orgrimmar.

The Queue: Total Namehem

While some of you were securing your names for WoW Classic, I was making plans. This was mostly because I was trying to pass the time while I was waiting in the queue to log in, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I was able to con Mitch into teaching me how to play Fortnite, and we’re going to do it on the Blizzard Watch Twitch channel this Wednesday in my usual 9 p.m. CST time slot.

I only installed the game so far. Don’t rush me. I’m sure it’s going to go really well. Let’s A some Qs!

The Queue: What did I miss?

I just got back from vacation yesterday. My body is super mad because it got used to having 8 hours of sleep a night. It took me three tries to log into the Blizzard Watch CMS, I don’t have any milk for my coffee, and I need to figure out all the stuff that was announced while I was away. Luckily, I know just the site to catch up with.

This is the Queue, where you ask us questions and we provide the answers. Hopefully.

The Queue: On the road

This week every year I go on vacation to a family reunion, the date of which has been set in stone since my grandfather was a toddler, in a rural enough place that I have to drive 30 minutes to get cell reception. Every year since I began content creation, something major has dropped this week — it’s been exactly one year since Overwatch League’s inaugural season finals, for instance.

So, what I’m trying to say is, you have me to thank for any major drops that happen this week. You’re welcome.

Let’s Queue!

The Queue: Voice acting is my favorite part of video games

There’s just something about voice acting that’s always fascinated me. I read an interview with the famously Lorenzo Music before the internet was a thing, and the idea of being simultaneously very famous yet anonymous was really intriguing, as was the idea that you could play almost anyone, even a lasagna-eating cat. When we repeat lines that are voice acted, we also mimic the inflection — an illusion! What are you hiding!

I know that not everyone is as excited by this aspect of games production as I am, but at the same time I know one of the main highlights of the next expansion for me is going to be whoever Deva Marie is cast to play.

This is The Queue, where a few of you were kind enough to ask me about a lowkey interest of mine and I tried to not go too overboard. Let’s A some Qs!

The Queue: Don’t tell anyone you found me; I’m undercover.

Welcome to The Queue, our daily column where you ask us questions on a varied array of topics, we give you answers, and then the comments devolve into zany shenanigans. Today we have a ton of pet battling questions, some lore stuff, and a side of esports. If there’s one word you can use to describe the Queue, “varied” is definitely a good one. I’m lying low after this one, though.

The Queue: It’s summer vacation!

I’m either typing this on my laptop while sipping a daquiri with my toes dipped lazily into a pool, or hunkered down in my air-conditioned office with the lights off, hoping my feral children don’t notice me. You can decide which you’d rather believe but I’d just ask that you not make sudden movements and try to stay quiet.

Not too quiet, though — ask whatever questions you want for some answers tomorrow!

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