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Don’t expect major class changes in Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft’s expansions have become known for their wide, sweeping changes, and systems overhauls every time a new one comes out. Legion was no exception, and perhaps contained the most extreme overhauls as the WoW devs hammered out each class and spec according to class fantasy.

Blizzard talks class changes in Patch 7.2.5 We just got patch 7.2 a week ago and already Blizzard is talking about what’s coming in patch 7.2.5, which is an encouraging sight if you’re hoping for smoother content releases in Legion. In addition to discussing specific class changes (which we’ll round up below) they discussed a general concern with talents in this expansion...

Encrypted Text: How (good) feedback changed the Legion Rogue This week’s edition of Encrypted Text isn’t about Rogue class design or gameplay. It’s about the power we have to change it.

Encrypted Text: Making sense of the Legion Rogue class preview Looks like WoW‘s Rogues are about to get a lot roguier. Ever patient and opportunistic, we Rogue players endured a longer wait for our Legion class preview than players of any other class.

Rfeann and Garona share some quality time
Encrypted Text: The best and worst of Rogue changes in Warlords As we wander aimlessly through this slowly widening chasm between the announcement of Legion and the first major release of information about what new changes the game has in store for Rogues, now feels like a good time to stop, take a step back and look at the adjustments that Warlords of Draenor brought to...

Arcane Sanctum: The fantasy of being a Mage Although we’re still in the middle of Warlords of Draenor’s final raid tier, it’s an exciting time as we begin looking forward to Legion and changes it might bring. Specifically, when Jonathan LeCraft said at DragonCon that classes and specs are being carefully reconsidered with regards to the “fantasy” of each spec, the community took notice....

Rfeann vs. Rexxar: The Prequel
Encrypted Text: Your comment flurry on Rogues in Legion You’ve all clearly coated your keyboards with Feedback Poison, because the conversation in the comments section of the last Encrypted Text column was outstanding. You posted over a hundred comments in total, and most of it was really thoughtful, engaging discussion about what Legion might hold in store for our plucky, pointy-stick-swinging crew of thieves...

Skeleton's got 99 problems, but Demon Hunters ain't one.
Encrypted Text: How will Demon Hunters — and Legion — change the Rogue class? Suddenly, one day, a new melee DPS class sauntered into WoWville. And lo, the Rogue class was most displeased.

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Totem Talk: Do Enhancement Shaman need fixing? Is Enhancement just not broken enough to be fixed? Does it need to be fixed?