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My Final Fantasy XIV FC hosted a costume contest, and it felt like I was watching a real-life cosplay competition

It was only a couple months ago that I started playing Final Fantasy XIV. As a longtime World of Warcraft player, it's hard not to compare the two games all the time, even if just subconsciously. While both games certainly share a host of features, they vary in even more. Most notably -- for me, anyhow -- Final Fantasy XIV's wealth of in-game looks and customization options never seems to stop surprising. Case in point: My Free Company (FC) -- basically the FFXIV equivalent of a guild -- hosted a costume contest this past Wednesday, and oh. my. Yogg. I expected some clever outfits. I did not expect Anna and Elsa, Sailor Saturn, Soldier: 76, Link, or Mickey Mouse (just to name a few) to show up. Nor did I expect them to show up looking as similar to their original counterparts as they did. The whole thing felt like I was watching an actual real-life cosplay competition unfold, and the experience was frankly too much fun not to share. Click through to see all of the amazing looks that showed up.

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