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The Queue: Krasus’ Landing

For whatever reason, whenever I read the words ‘Krasus’ Landing’ my brain immediately conjures up a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ style show set in Dalaran. I guess Season One would have been set in Wrath and been a very sturm und drang story about the forbidden love between Alliance and Horde mages, which of course only got harder when Cataclysm came out and the two factions got really hostile, and they finally broke up for good in Mists. A lot of people thought the show had jumped the shark in Warlords because it was suddenly all about these Orcs and Draenei, but Legion brought a lot of viewers back when the original characters returned, now bitter enemies but still there’s sort of a simmering attraction between them.


Oh, right, the Queue. Fine, we can talk about other stuff.

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