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The Queue: Canada Day

It’s Canada Day. I live in Canada, so for me, it’s a holiday. We’re celebrating it by watching old episodes of The Littlest Hobo. It’s like the old Bill Bixby Hulk TV show if you take out Bruce Banner and the giant green rage monster he turns into, it’s an adorable dog. That kind of sums up the difference between the US and Canada pretty well, I think.

The Queue. We answer your Blizzard questions.

The Queue: Ten years ago…

On June 24, 2006 I and my then-fiancee Julian were married in a friend’s backyard just outside of Seattle. It was a blazingly sunny day, to the point where there’s a running joke between us that the sun was a guest. In the decade since that day, many things have happened, some good, some bad, but I can honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made. I love her and I have been fortunate to have her in my life and with any luck I’ll get to say that again in 2026.

Blizzard games have been a big part of our lives together — we spent time in Azeroth when we couldn’t be together before we were married, I proposed to her during a Molten Core run, we’ve raided and moved servers and played WoW and Diablo 3 together.

This is the Queue. Not going to try and be funny or clever today. Just going to answer some questions so I can go to bed (It’s 1 am as I write this) and see my wife.

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