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WoWJun 17, 2015 6:00 pm CT

New battle pets in patch 6.2 and where to find them

There are a lot of new battle pets headed our way for patch 6.2 (26 to be exact, which is a fun coincidence). We’ve covered them in shorter posts as they were discovered, but now that 6.2 is imminent, here’s a full list of all the new pets coming your way and how you can get your own.

Legendary Rewards

Four new pets come from the new Fel-Touched Pet Supplies daily pet goody bag. Defeating each legendary pet awards a separate bag, for a possible fifteen total bags from a full circuit. We made a map of these new legendary battle pets if you need some directions. Most bags contain a handful of charms, but there’s a low chance you’ll get a pet:

  • Two pets that are recolored spores — the Zangar Spore and the Seaborne Spore.
  • The third pet is another recolor: the Periwinkle Calf, which is one of those adorable baby hippos.
  • The most unique of the bunch is the Nightmare Bell, which looks like the dread bell used in the Warlock epic mount quest in days of yore.

cerulean moth pet battle

Tamed Pets

There are a total of six new pets this patch to tame. Four of them come from Tanaan:

  • Bloodbeak is a red toucan which you can find in the hills around Lion’s Watch or over near the Aktar’s Post flight point.
  • I found lots of Cerulean Moths near the flight path by the Temple of Sha’tar, plus another pocket of them just north of Fang’rila.
  • The Fen Crab likes to hang out on the beach south of Fang’rila.
  • The Violet Firefly was found near the eastern part of the Bleeding Hollow Hunting Grounds.

They all showed up as the non-primary pet in other battles as well.

Two new pets are billed as challenge tames:

Both have one single spawn in the world at any given time, and you’ll have to hunt down the one that’s up — hopefully, before any other tamer can get there first. It’s intended to be a challenge, but the devs have assured us that the respawn is instant, so there will always be one ready for an intrepid tamer to find.

Vendor Pets

There are a number of new vendors all over Azeroth with furry companions to sell. The first you’ll likely find, due to their new place in your garrison’s main hall, is Trader Darakk if you’re Horde or Trader Araanda for Alliance. Among other new things, including two mounts, they sell:

Crusher was the creation of a boy who desperately wants to be a Blizzard developer one day.

Another new vendor in your garrison is located near your Menagerie. Tiffy Trapspring or Giada Goldenleash will trade their four new pets and three new toys for a pretty big number of pet charms. In order to score all four pets alone they’ll demand 400 charms in trade.

The new toys cost 650 charms altogether, bringing the total to 1050 if you want to buy everything. We detailed the toys and discussed the pets a bit further in this post.


The Darkmoon Faire gains three new pets this patch. Two are tied to fishing and sold by the vendor Galissa Sundew on the docks.

  • Non-battler Blorp requires 50 of the new Darkmoon Daggermaw fish as currency for purchase.
  • The Ghostshell Crab requires 100 Darkmoon Dagermaw.

You can catch these in the waters around Darkmoon Isle any time the Isle is accessible. The fish themselves can be traded so if you’ve got some cash to throw around, you can buy Daggermaw which you can use to buy these pets, but at this time Blorp can’t be caged. The final pet doesn’t come from a vendor, but he’s the only achievement pet this patch and he hails from the Darkmoon Faire, so I’ll slip in a mention here:

  • The adorable and very anticipated Hogs.

Three new reputation vendors are also slated to be added to Tanaan Jungle. Their overall wares and extra details, plus some extra screenshots were outlined in this post, but we’ll just talk about the pets they’ve got for sale in this post. Only two of these new vendors — Order of the Awakened and the Saberstalkers — sell a pet.

  • The Blazing Firehawk is sold by members of the Order of the Awakened in your outpost for 2000 Apexis Crystals, and requires Exalted reputation.
  • The adorable tiger striped Savage Cub from the Saberstalkers requires only Revered reputation, but costs 1500 Blackfang Claws, which you get by grinding the mobs you’d be grinding anyway to get the rep.

Two birds and one stone, really. The Saberstalkers vendor is just north of Fang’rila, and you’ll be quite acquainted with him by the time you’re finished, because he offers a short weekly quest that grants additional rep.


There are two new pets available from missions:

  • The Cinder Pup is available from a 675 follower mission: Fiery Friends. It’s both rare and has a large number of counters so it may be a RNG-laden mess for your mission to finally be successful. Soldier on. Don’t let this puppy down!
  • In order to get the very much anticipated second mission pet, you’ll have to go through the motions of building a shipyard first. You likely won’t be able to complete the mission successfully until you can construct both a Destroyer and a Battleship. The reward for completing Orphaned Aquatic Animal Rescue is Left Shark, a meme that captured the hearts of the dev team, apparently.

fel pup quest pet battle


Four more pets come from drops and quests:

  • Shard of Cyrukh, which comes from treasure in Tanaan. You’ll have to complete a specific one of the randomly given garrison campaign story quests to unlock the area where the Shard lies. This calls back rather heavily to the area’s roots from The Burning Crusade, so it’s a nice little easter egg.
  • The Fel Pup is from a quest that only begins after you defeat a rare mob, Ceraxus, in the Temple of Sha’nar area. It’s not technically a drop, but it’s an adorable green puppy with big hazel eyes so let’s not get too picky here. You don’t have to be in on the Ceraxus kill to get the Pup, just do the quest.
  • The most off-beat pet in this patch is Nethaera’s Light, which is named after the WoW CM Nethaera, and matches the candle avatar she uses on the forums. It is also very similar to the Candle from the old Warlock epic mount quest, so after 6.2 the only thing you fel-corrupted monsters are missing for a full trip down nostalgia avenue is the Wheel. To get Nethaera’s Light, you have to go to Dalaran, and find the candle floating around (make a macro that says /tar Nethaera /script SetRaidTarget(“target”, 7); to make your life easier). If you /cheer at her she’ll shoot off some fireworks and then join your pet journal.
  • Lastly, with the launch of the Hellfire Citadel raid, we see the drop of a new pet, the Corrupted Nest Guardian. It seems to drop from Shadow-Lord Iskar on all difficulties, including LFR, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to come by for non-raiders.

Happy pet hunting, everyone!

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