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DiscussionAug 2, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: The next expansion and a wish for exploration that didn’t wreck

Okay, why is it every time we go somewhere it gets messed up?

I guess Outland was already pretty messed up before we got there. And Northrend … well, that was pretty much on the Lich King. That dude is terrible. Cataclysm, Deathwing’s big nickname was The Destroyer so I feel like you can’t really pin that one on us. Sure, he wrecked up the place, and sure, we were there for a lot of it, but that’s not really our fault.

But since the Jade Forest in Mists of Pandaria it’s felt like we keep wrecking everyone’s stuff. There are at least two zones in Pandaria that are measurably worse since we were there, and now thanks to us not killing Gul’dan when he was bound and helpless, Tanaan is wrecked, there’s fel blood and demons everywhere, a ton of draenei souls got eaten at Auchindoun. It’s really kind of a bummer.

I wouldn’t normally blame this one on us — ordinarily I’d say Gul’dan is just that colossal a raving evil nightmare — but he was trapped in a magical rune prison powering the Dark Portal and instead of just jamming swords into him until everyone ran out of swords we let him go, so that’s really on us.

My biggest wish for the next expansion is no more of this. No more bringing Sha forth to ravage the land, no more letting clearly evil maniacs go when it would be easier and safer to just remove them. This could easily have been World of Warcraft: We Fixed It All In The Opening Zone. Don’t put us in a position where our characters do something obviously misguided or outright destructive. Let us be explorers and heroes who make stuff better when we get there. At the minimum let’s not blow anything bigger than a village up, okay?

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