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Discussion > WoWSep 5, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Are you timewalking this weekend?

Once again, we head into a timewalking weekend (though now that they start on Wednesdays, they’ve become less of a weekend event), and with an all new suite of rewards, there are plenty of reasons to jump in. So the question remains: are you timewalking this weekend? (And how many times can I use variations on the word “time” in this post?)

The trouble with the new rewards is that they’re a bit of a grind, requiring a long term commitment to get the highest price-tier items (primarily the mounts). With timewalking being a time-limited event, this is even more time-consuming because you can’t grind it out quickly… though perhaps the downtime between timewalking events will keep it from feeling too grindy (read: people like me who have limited patience for repetitive tasks).

So, are you going to be making the commitment to get these new timewalking rewards — and are you diving into this weekend’s Wrath timewalking dungeons?

(Final count: nine.)

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