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The QueueSep 22, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: The future of Rossi’s Renegades, Ashkandi and other swords of Lothar, DirecTV

It’s the Queue, where we talk about Blizzard games. You ask questions, a rotating panel of Blizzard Watch staffers (including me) answer them. Sometimes I might be writing this while listening to my old Prong albums. Can you guess what song? I bet you can.

Yeah, I know the Rossi’s Renegades thing isn’t going to actually stick. Let me have just one day, okay?


I never knew Ashkandi was Lothar’s sword. It’s very evil-dragon themed to be a his sword…

It is potentially one of his swords. It’s not the sword that got broken in the fight with Blackhand — that was the Great Royal Sword of Stormwind and that was wielded by Turalyon after his death. It’s potentially possible Turalyon still has that sword. Some think that Ashkandi was that sword because of the initials A.L. on the hilt of the sword and the name ‘Greatsword of the Brotherhood’ but we don’t actually know that for certain. If Ashkandi was the Greatsword of the Brotherhood of the Horse, then it likely belonged to Anduin Lothar, but that still doesn’t make it the Great Royal Sword of Stormwind, which was not only broken but the broken pieces held by Turalyon when he disappeared.

Also, neither of these swords is Quel’Zaram, which may not even exist in canon anymore.

In short, Lothar (like all warriors) had a lot of swords in his lifetime. Ashkandi is likely one of them, but it’s almost certainly not the most famous one.


So who are you going to replace Fox with for the leveling stream?

Honestly, we don’t really know yet. It comes down to finding someone who can make the stream time on a reliable basis. As soon as we know we’ll let you know.


Q4tQ: Are there any mods allowed for Heroes of the Storm?  I’d like a mod like Gladiator for WoW PvP.  I watched the Americas Championship for HotS over the weekend and the observer mode they used had a lot of info that would be handy to have whilst playing.  Probably not the enemy team’s info, but at least my team.

To my knowledge, not at this time, but I’m not an expert in mods so I figured I’d put an answer here so more knowledgeable people might come along and answer more definitively for you.


Has there been any word on a Directv stream for Blizzcon? I got that last year and really preferred seeing some things on my tv instead of streaming on my laptop. I haven’t seen any news about that yet.

Based on my reading of the FAQ here, you will be able to buy a DirecTV Pay Per View event.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker)

I plan to purchase the BlizzCon 2015 Pay Per View event through DIRECTV. Do I need to purchase the Virtual Ticket separately to also watch online?
For those who choose the option to purchase the BlizzCon 2015 DIRECTV Pay Per View (coming soon), the Virtual Ticket Internet stream will be included with your order. After ordering through DIRECTV, you will receive an email containing a code that will grant one Battle.net account access to the Virtual Ticket Internet stream, the BlizzCon 2015 in-game goodies, and online merchandise sale. You will be able to redeem your code here—just make sure to redeem the code using the Battle.net account on which you wish to receive the in-game goodies.

Note that the DIRECTV Pay Per View broadcast is not included with purchases of the Virtual Ticket made through the Battle.net Shop. More information on the DIRECTV BlizzCon 2015 Pay Per View event, including how to order through DIRECTV, will be available at a later date.

So there you go. You’ll be able to get it either way, through DirecTV or just the Virtual Ticket.


Q4tQ:  Do you think artifact weapons will lessen the value of the original weapon?  I sort of feel this way unless its some sort of replica weapon and not the actual weapon in question.  I felt the original weapons were such a key part of lore but now every Retribution Paladin will be wielding Ashbringer, for example.

Honestly? No. No I don’t. First off, the game doesn’t assume that there are all these Ret Paladins using Ashbringer, Enhancement Shamans with Doomhammer, etc etc. There’s one, and it’s you. For terms of game story, you and you alone are wielding that artifact, and you deserve to be, because at this point you’re practically a hero of legend.

I know that for purposes of game play there are all sorts of Ret Paladins, Arms Warriors, Shadow Priests, Unholy DK’s, Arcane Mages, etc etc — but the game’s story is focused around a single character, who just happens to be whoever you’re playing at the time. Yes, occasionally we see quests that say things like ‘Gather an army, <name>’ or ‘<class>’ but that’s still you assembling said army, and it’s assumed that you’re the important one for the purpose of the story. Every player in the raid is essentially experiencing the same story from the same perspective.

So no, it doesn’t bug me any more than seeing a bunch of rogues with the legendary daggers, or everyone with a legendary cape or ring.


Q4tQ: Has there been any official word about DK 2h frost, in Legion that is?

There are already so many dual wield specs in the game and I love the feel and play style of 2h frost.  And before you say anything, if I wanted a pet I’ll play on my hunter. I haven’t seen anything regarding a 2h artifact for frost yet.  Do I need to just finally retire my death knight (I don’t like dual wield on my dk, I’ll stick to my enhancement shammy for that, he does it so much better and with better style)?

I don’t know if it’s mechanically gone or not, but the artifact will be 2 weapons made from the shards of Frostmourne, and that’s the expected playstyle for Frost, dual wielding. If that means you won’t enjoy your DK any more, then you have my sympathy — I know that if Fury loses Titan’s Grip for an entire expansion, I won’t be playing it, so I can understand your point.

Since there won’t be weapon drops in Legion, if you don’t want to go dual wield, I don’t see that you have an option. We do know that there will be a catch up mechanism to allow you to get an artifact for your other specialization, so if they don’t vanish out of your bags when you switch specs, and the mechanics aren’t removed, maybe you can get a 2h weapon for your Blood or Unholy spec and use it as Frost? No idea. It seems unlikely that the mechanics wouldn’t be changed as well, but I don’t know that they will or won’t at this time.

That’s The Queue for Tuesday. See y’all Friday.

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