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Discussion > WoWSep 23, 2015 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: Do you still do holiday events?

I’ve got to say: I’m over holidays in World of Warcraft. I remember once upon a time when the holidays were new and I rushed to get through them and all of their achievements (and the eventual proto-drake) before they vanished for another year. But as time has gone on, these holidays have begun to feel dusty and my interest has waned.

Sure, the holidays have had changes over the years but at this point I’ve done all of them so many times that it’s hard to motivate myself to even log on to get the latest rewards (when there even are latest rewards). So even though both the Harvest Festival and Brewfest are currently ongoing, I’m finding it hard to care. Is going through yet another year’s grind worth it to collect yet another bauble?

But as someone who has little patience for repetitive tasks (a poor trait in an MMO player to begin with), I imagine this could just be me. So tell me, readers: are you still into the game’s holiday events? Do new rewards inspire you to jump in every year? Or have you had enough of the same old same old?

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