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News > WoWNov 16, 2015 5:00 pm CT

Level 100 boost lets you try a class before boosting

The boosting process is getting a little tweak in Legion, and it’s a good one. Gaming news site Polygon spoke to World of Warcraft Executive Producer J Allen Brack during this year’s BlizzCon, addressing the drop in subscriber numbers, length between expansions, and more. That “more” ended up being an interesting piece of information regarding the level 100 boost that players get with the purchase of World of Warcraft: Legion — the boost itself isn’t consumed until after you’ve completed the new Legion tutorial experience.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that players can experiment and try out several different classes if they’d like, before committing to the boost and consuming the token. If you decide while playing the tutorial that the class you’ve chosen isn’t the one for you, you can simply halt the process and start over with a different class. The change will likely help new players who aren’t quite sure what they want to play, giving them a little flexibility before they commit to a level 100 boost choice.

In addition to the information regarding the boost, Brack had several things to say about the drop in subscriptions, pointing out that the team remains focused on producing good experiences for players, not on drawing in new subscribers. And as always, the World of Warcraft team is focused on the puzzling problem of trying to release new content and expansions faster, a puzzle they still haven’t quite managed to solve, although Legion‘s release will be hitting shelves earlier than the regular two-year cycle would place it. Head to Polygon to check out the full article — and if you’re not quite certain what to do with your level 100 boost just yet, you might as well wait until Legion is released and you can play with the new class changes to see what suits your style.

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