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Heroes of the Storm > VideoJan 25, 2016 7:00 pm CT

Heroes of the Storm Wizard Li-Ming gets a video ability preview

We knew that the wizard and necromancer from the Diablo universe would be the next two heroes to come to Heroes of the Storm, but we didn’t know much else in the way of details until today. Blizzard finally dropped some solid information on the wizard Li-Ming in the form of an ability spotlight video, and she looks both powerful and hard to play. Let’s check out the details.

  • Li-Ming’s trait is Critical Mass, which resets the cooldown on all her abilities (including her Heroic Ability) when she kills an enemy.
  • Her Q is Magic Missile, which has unique targeting. Based on how you aim it, all the missles can focus on one target, or spread to multiple targets.
  • Her W is Arcane Orb, which shoots out a destructive ball of arcane energy. The further it travels, the bigger it gets and the more damage it does in a small radius. Great for dealing a blow to a group, but easily dodged by those paying attention.
  • Her E is, of course, Teleport. This allows her to teleport a short distance and is on a short cooldown. She can avoid skill shots, jump over walls, get away from assassins and generally get out of trouble…or into it if she wants.
  • Her first R is Disintegrate, which shoots out a channeled beam of destructive energy in a straight line damaging all in its path. Li-Ming can be turned and the beam will follow. If she kills an enemy with it, she can recast it due to her trait.
  • Her second choice for a Heroic Ability is Wave of Force. This ability knocks enemies out of the targeted area. It can be used defensively to keep tanks and assassins away from Li-Ming or offensively to push squishy fleeing enemies back towards her team.

We don’t know when exactly Li-Ming will be available, but with this video, it looks like she’ll be released before Xul. In the meantime, check out her pop rockstar and mastery skins or her abilities in action in the video below.

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