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DiscussionApr 23, 2016 8:00 am CT

Breakfast Topic: What’s your favorite Whispers of the Old Gods card?

April 26 is the day the new Hearthstone expansion goes live. Are you excited? I’m pumped! Not only is Whispers of the Old Golds giving us over 130 new cards, but the new Standard format is being introduced into the game where cards like Dr. Boom, Sludge Belcher, and Death’s Bite can’t be used anymore — unless you play in the Wild format.

For me, the card I’m looking forward to the most is Yogg-Saron. Even in World of Warcraft, he held a special place because of Val’anyr (and why that isn’t a weapon in Hearthstone is beyond me). I have to admit, I love the random chaos that’s going to occur from playing ol’ Yogg here. I’m not the best player and I’ll freely admit that. Cards like Yogg-Saron help provide me with the opportunity to steal wins once in a while in games I had no business of winning. Plus it’s just plain fun! I mean, look at the video clip below from the Hearthstone stream from Thursday.

I’ll leave the definition of favorite up to you. Is it favorite looking card (like Silver Hand Murloc)? Favorite card in competitive play? Or just favorite fun card overall?

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