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WoWSep 14, 2016 1:00 pm CT

Totem Talk: What to do as a level 110 Resto Shaman

It’s been a while since we last talked — when we last left off, we talked about Elemental and Restoration Shaman talents for questing while playing through Blizzard’s latest expansion. We’ve also discussed Resto mana regen as well as spell priority. Since then, there’s been quite a lot going on.

Legion has been live for a couple of weeks now, and you likely find yourself among those at the level cap. Once we hit 110 there is a lot to do, so much so that it can be overwhelming. We’re going to talk about where to start once reaching the end game as a level 110 Resto Shaman.


Order Hall Gear and Campaign

One of the interesting things that happened in Legion is that leveling through dungeons has been made more difficult. Experience rewards from dungeons have been lowered, so it’s likely that you’ve hit level 110 mostly through questing. While the rewards from quests definitely help with leveling, they won’t be quite what we need for Heroic and Mythic dungeons. The good news is that there are several paths to help us in that endeavor.

The Order Hall armor set is the first path that is presented to us as soon as we hit 110. We receive the Farseer’s Mask just for hitting level 110, which is a great starting point. The rest of the set, however, needs to be unlocked by various means and then purchased with gold. This gives us a good checklist to start working on when we hit level cap. Let’s take a quick look at what you need to do for each piece.

Some of these are obviously easier to obtain than others, but it gives us a starting point. Running through each of the dungeons on Normal difficulty gives us a chance at loot drops to fill in any gaps, as well as giving us the tangible reward of unlocking the legs. Recruiting the Class Hall champions will happen pretty much automatically as you follow along with the Order Hall campaign. And that Order Hall campaign not only unlocks the wrists, but also moves us towards the chest for finishing the Order Hall campaign as well.

As we gather the items, we also unlock set bonuses. The set has 2, 4, 6 and 8-piece set bonuses which range from increasing out of combat regeneration while in the Broken Isles, to increasing a primary or secondary stat. With those bonuses, the Order Hall set’s not only stylish, but useful and worth the time to unlock to help us along our healing journey. These pieces can also be upgraded as you grow by purchasing various armor kits from your Order Hall vendor with Order Hall resources.


World Quests and Dungeons

At level 110 we also unlock world quests. They’re similar to bounties in Diablo 3, in which several tasks spring up in each zone to complete. The world quests replace daily quests, and offer rewards like Order Hall resources, gear, Artifact power and gold. On top of that, these quests also reward reputation with the various Broken Isles factions. The quests send you on tasks ranging from killing a selection of mobs, to using your professions to deliver goods, and sometimes include killing bosses in the dungeons.

Along with the regular quests, emissary quests are unlocked on a daily basis. These quests are presented from one of the Broken Isles factions as an additional reward to daily tasks. For the simple task of completing four world quests for that faction, we’re rewarded with an additional treasure chest and reputation reward. The chest can contain Order Hall resources, Artifact power, or follower upgrades — and it’s got a low chance to drop legendaries or a quest for a mount, too.

World quests are a great way to get out into the world and explore regions of the map you may have missed while leveling. Through the word quest system I’ve been able to fill out gear gaps like trinkets and rings, which helped keep me moving forward in content. They’re well worth our time.


Artifact weapon power and traits

Legion has made it a point to put our Artifact weapons front and center throughout the expansion. At level 110, we don’t want to neglect our weapons — we want to start working towards all the major Artifact traits. World quests, bosses in instances, and treasures in the world can all potentially drop Artifact power items. Having so many methods to choose from is great, because we’re going to need to collect a massive amount of Artifact power to finish filling out our weapons.

The quest line that leads to Suramar helps out with this as well — it unlocks at max level, and the quests offer a pretty big chunk of Artifact power in terms of quest rewards. All of the minor story quests arcs result in large Artifact power rewards too, making them a great way to close in on those major Artifact traits.

To make Artifact power collection more effective, as soon as we can we should be putting in work orders for Artifact Knowledge. These work orders unlock the story of our Artifacts — which is great — but better still, they also increase the amount of Artifact power we gain from rewards. They may take several days to complete, but it’s something you definitely want to stay on top of. The bonus percentage increases with each work order produced, so there’s solid incentive to keep the research flowing. That measly 100 Artifact power reward looks a whole lot nicer when we’re multiplying it by 1,100%!

There’s plenty of things to do at max level, hopefully this guide helps you find that starting point. Focusing on a few things first helps everything fall into place. And the beautiful thing about Legion is that everything you do feeds into something else, producing a positive feedback loop no matter which way you start to focus.

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