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What to do now that you’re 110 in Legion


Ding! You’re level 110 and back at max level. The Broken Isles are a better place because of you, and the Legion fears your name. Well, at least they know your name, and isn’t that what’s important? As soon as you ding, a cornucopia of new options opens up for you — and that’s just the World Quests. It can be overwhelming. You’ve got reputations to max, dungeons to run, the Emerald Nightmare to conquer, a world to save and Guilder to frame for it. You’re swamped!

Where do you even start when you hit 110 in Legion? You start with a goal, and your first goal, my young Padawan, will be raising your gear level to an average item level of 810 to unlock Heroics, 825 to unlock Emerald Nightmare LFR, and then to whatever your guild (or PUG leader) asks you to hit for Mythics, Mythic+, and higher-tier Emerald Nightmare. Your main vehicles to get there include the Order Hall, world quests, dungeons, reputations, crafting, and world bosses.


The Order Hall

Class Order Hall Campaign

Your Class Order Hall Campaign continues as you level up and continue into max level play. These quests lead you all over the Broken Isles and have some cool lore moments. Part of the campaign will familiarize you with the Order Hall Mission system — an evolution of the Garrison Missions from Warlords. To this end, you’ll get a quest in the campaign to collect some reagents that are only obtained as rewards from various Order Hall Missions.

The quest rewards from the latter stages of this campaign include ilvl 820 and 825 level rare items. Once you hit max level, you’ll want to complete the campaign for the story as it is central to the expansion, but this also enables you to use your third Artifact Relic slot, and grants you a new Artifact appearance.


The Quartermaster

The quartermaster in your Order Hall becomes available as soon as you ding 110. He sells an entire Class Order Hall Armor set, with its own set bonuses. Each piece has different conditions you have to meet before he’ll sell it to you. These conditions dovetail into other activities you’ll be working on at max level. His first test is for you to get to level 110 and by George, you’ve already done it. Aren’t you on the ball! As a reward, you’ll receive an ilevel 810 rare helmet. A set of 810 rare bracers unlocks once you recruit all six Champions through your Class Order Hall campaign.

Completing the entire Class Order Hall Campaign unlocks an ilevel 830 rare chest. Defeating the final boss of all eight Legion dungeons, on any difficulty, gives you access to ilevel 820 rare legs. Get revered with two of the Broken Isles reputations, and he will see fit to sell you some ilevel 840 epic boots.

The quartermaster also sells ilevel upgrade Armor kits, upgrading that gear from ilevel 810 gear to 820, and 820 to 830. The final kit upgrades items from 830 to 840, but it requires Revered reputation with the Nightfallen — and you can’t even start earning that reputation until max level. The upgrade kits cost Order Hall Resources, and at max level, there is stiff competition for these Resources from Order Hall Missions, Order Hall troops, Order Hall research, and Artifact Knowledge work orders.


Order Hall Missions

Order Hall Missions take Order Hall Resources to run. Each mission comes with a standard reward and a Bonus reward. The Bonus reward roll is the chance of mission success minus 100%. For example: If you if raise you mission’s success chance to 125%, you have a 25% chance of getting the bonus reward. How do you raise the mission success rate over 100%? Well, my friend, I’m glad you asked, because have I got a deal for you! In your Class Order Hall, you can recruit two tiers of troops to send on missions. These random red shirts increase the chance the mission will succeed, and often times will take you over 100%. You expend Order Hall Resources to recruit these “volunteers,” and you are limited in how many you can have active at any one time.

Order Hall Research

Order Hall Research also takes Resources. You research various buffs for either your Order Hall or your character. There are six tiers of binary choices of upgrades that get more and more expensive at each tier — they’ll remind you of the Outpost buffs from Warlords.


Artifact Knowledge

Another hungry mouth ready to devour your Order Hall Resources is Artifact Knowledge. When you reach Level 110, a new quest becomes available in your Class Order Hall that starts you on your Artifact Research. The interface looks like the Work Order interface from Warlords. Besides learning some interesting lore about all of your Artifacts, each time you complete a work order, you build your Artifact Knowledge multiplier — which applies each time you use an item that grants Artifact Power.

Artifact Relics

Relics take the place of weapon drops in Legion, and your Artifact increases in item level based on the relics you put into it. Questing and world drop relics add between 2-28 ilevels. Normal dungeon drop relics are +12 ilevels.


World quests and reputations

If you aren’t already Friendly with all the Broken Isles reputations, make that your first priority, because that will open up World Quests. World Quests are Legion’s take on the daily max leveling questing, and nothing contributes more to the overwhelmed feeling than seeing your map overflowing with exclamation marks the moment you ding.

My suggestion would be to open your map and scroll through all the available World Quests. You can’t do them all, so target those offered by a reputation you want to raise that also reward a gear upgrade, Artifact Power, or take down a world boss. For instance, let’s say you’re interested in the epic 850 Legplates of Forgotten Myth, which the Valajar sell at exalted. Valajar rep comes from Stormheim missions. Open your map to Stormheim, and look at the World Quests there to find ones that give you gear or Artifact Power and try to knock those out.

When you raise any reputations to revered by doing side quests or World Quests, their vendors will sell you various ilevel 810 rare equipment.


The Nightfallen

Not long after that final ding, you’ll find yourself in Dalaran. Maybe you’re taking a portal or doing some crafting, or maybe you have a hankering for Aimee’s tiramisu. Hey, I’m not going to judge.

Once there, you’ll get a summons to go see your old buddy, Khadgar, who will begin a new quest for you — Khadgar´s Discovery. This quest is the start of a key quest chain that leads you to the max level area of Suramar and its associated Nightfallen reputation. At friendly with Nightfallen, you can buy ilevel 820 rare gloves. Revered gets you an ilevel 840 epic neck, and exalted rewards ilevel 850 Epic shoulders.


Normal dungeons

Each leveling zone’s story culminates in one of Legion’s dungeons, and I’d recommend running each zone’s dungeon as soon as you finish questing in that zone. The dungeon’s enemies and rewards scale based upon your level, so you’ll always have a shot at a decent upgrade every time you run them. Once you hit max level the drops increase to ilevel 805 rares, but they have a chance at being ilevel 815 Warforged or even higher if they are Titanforged!


Throne of Thunder gave us Thunderforged and Siege of Orgrimmar brought Warforged. In Legion we have Titanforged, but it works a little differently than you may be used to. At max level, every item you get can be Warforged or Titanforged. When you get an item, the game makes an invisible roll for a Warforged (+10 ilevel) upgrade. If it upgrades to Warforged, another secret roll is made to see if it gets another +5 ilevels and becomes Titanforged. But it doesn’t stop there. Every time the item wins a roll, another one is made for another 5 ilevels, up to a preset cap.  Normal rare items cap out at ilevel 825 and Epics cap out at 850 until Mythic+ dungeons and Mythic Raids open up. Epics have the potential to go all the way to 895 — but if you get one to go that high, go buy a lottery ticket while you still have Lady Luck on your side.



Crafted gear can fill in the gaps in your gear as you try to hit your benchmarks. In the early days of the expansion, most items on the Auction House will be fairly expensive, but those prices should go down in time. Tailors, Blacksmiths, and Leatherworkers can craft ilevel 815 rare armor sets. Jewelcrafters make ilevel 815 rare rings and necks. Scribes and Alchemists craft ilevel 815 rare trinkets. Engineers can create ilevel 815 rare helms.

These crafted items can be upgraded by the Obliterum Forge. The Forge destroys your crafted items, and provides you with Obliterum Ash. 100 Ash and two Blood of Sargeras gives you one Obliterum, which will allow you to upgrade the crafted item. Access to the Obliterum Forge is through another series of quests that begin at max level on the mean streets of Dalaran. The major road block is an early quest in the chain that requires you to collect crafted cloth, mail, leather, and plate bracers.

The next step

Once you reach ilevel 810, Heroics open up. You’ll want to start running those and knocking out the world bosses on a regular basis. Heroics award ilevel 825 gear and it, too, can be Warforged or Titanforged. You’ll eventually graduate from Heroics to Mythics, and then to Mythic+ and Emerald Nightmare.

Need help figuring out Mythic+ and Emerald Nightmare? We have a roundup of guides to get you started.

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