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Discussion > WoWOct 23, 2016 8:00 am CT

How has your Mythic+ dungeon experience been?

Last week’s Mythic+ affixes were Necrotic and Raging, which gave me (a Holy Priest) massive fits. I tried doing a Vault of the Wardens +8 and it took us something like three attempts just to take down the first miniboss. Every week, the affixes for these dungeons rotate, in order to bring us some new, dangerous combination that induces stress in different ways. This week, we have to deal with Bolstering and Overflowing. Healing these dungeons is a workout, and can be more exhilarating than a raid. I often find myself referencing WoWhead’s Mythic+ guide, because certain trash mobs have their abilities changed (or improved).

I will say that the first week that Mythic+ dungeons opened, I had a great deal of fun with them. Challenge modes, which were first introduced in Mists of Pandaria and continued in Warlords of Draenor, were fun ways to revitalize dungeons. However, rotating affixes means that every week groups have to rely on slightly different strategies. Different classes or specs shine on a week to week basis as well.


  • Bring a Bloodlust Time Warp Heroism.
  • Anything +6 or higher warrants a food buff and a flask.
  • Dry runs on Mythic 0 are encouraged for dungeon familiarity.
  • Talent into anything that might help you with stuns or interrupts (Like Censure).
  • Bring your vendor food and stop relying on healers to heal you in between pulls because we’re competing for time/chests and if we’re healing you in between pulls it means we can’t drink to gain mana back which means completion times are jeopardized holy moly y’all it’s 2016 why is this still a thing?!


Sorry, fall season and it gets a little chilly. Perhaps more tea is in order.

Anyway, next on my list is a successful completion of a Mythic +10 group. That seems to be my Everest for now. How has your experience with Mythic+ been? What kind of group compositions have you put together?

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