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StarCraftDec 1, 2016 3:00 pm CT

New StarCraft comic Nova: The Keep available now

StarCraft comic

Is there going to be a big StarCraft related fiction push in 2017? I don’t know, but between Timothy Zahn’s StarCraft Evolution and now a new StarCraft comic by Mickey Neilson for November Terra (yes, that’s Nova’s name) I’m starting to wonder. Nova: The Keep is set before the events of the Covert Ops missions. It shines some light not just on Nova’s character but that of Valerian Mengsk, the StarCraft settings’ version of Anduin Wrynn. (Seriously, these two are clones.)

With art by Andres Guinaldo and colors by Sandra Molina, it has a somewhat retro feel to this old timer’s eye — reminiscent of old 2000 AD comics. It’s definitely worth a read, but in the end it poses more questions than it answers about StarCraft both as a setting and a property. Why put this comic out now, and not before Covert Ops was completed? Are we going to get more StarCraft in 2017? I’m interested in finding out. You can read Nova: The Keep for yourself on Blizzard’s website. Or if you like the idea of moving comics, Madefire has an animated version available for reading as well.

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