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Argus has its own lore museum to preserve its pre-Legion culture

In patch 7.3, you’ll encounter the Krokul, the eredar who refused to join Sargeras on Argus. The invasion of the Army of the Light liberated some of the Krokul slaves, and they have been hiding from the Legion in Krokuun — where we arrive when we first land in Argus. The Krokul keep a small museum dedicated to preserving what they can of their culture, and Archivist Ionaa tells you the relics remind them of all they have lost and all they have to fight for. The relics have been collected in the millennia since Sargeras came, either found or donated from refugees who have managed to escape the Legion.

Most of the relics in there are small, curious things. They probably have meaning in the greater context — though, they could just be there for flavor. The Krokul have collected symbols of their oppression and victory, but there’s one relic in particular that stands out as a testament to Azeroth’s strength and serves a nice Easter egg for a certain book.

This relic is the Shrine of the Great Warrior, which has the following text engraved:

{PB} Long after the emerald flame took our home, the Legion took to open a gate to a new world. Never had they lusted for any conquest as much as this lush, primitive land.

Just as their armies set forth, a green-skinned warrior stepped through the gate. He wielded a single blade — and roared a single cry for battle.

Mountains and flesh and bone grew as he carved through the demons’ ranks. His defiance drew the attention of the Dark One — who came to see his end.

The warrior struck but one blow before he fell, but it was never forgotten.

The shrine is most likely referring to Broxigar, brother of Saurfang, and a key player in the War of the Ancients when he was sent back in time with Rhonin and Krasus in Richard Knaak’s trilogy of the same name. As the portal started to open in the Well of Eternity during the final battle, Broxigar leapt through to give the Elves more time. He arrived on Argus and butchered his way through demons, standing atop a mountain of corpses. His devastation was so great that it warranted Sargeras himself showing up to deal with the Orc.

Broxigar is one of only two known mortals to wound Sargeras and, though he perished at Sargeras’ hands, the wound he caused allowed the Elves time to close the portal. On the shrine are the remaining pieces of his armor: a lone shoulderpad, boot, and necklace.

There’s more to the museum, though, and you can out the video from Wowhead exploring it in full below:

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