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News > Overwatch 2Oct 13, 2017 12:52 pm CT

Mercy’s Resurrect gets more changes on the Overwatch PTR

Mercy, and particularly her Resurrect ability, have been in the sights of the Overwatch development team for the past few months. It’s very difficult to balance around a resurrect ability in a way which doesn’t completely hamstring the heroes which have it, which is probably why it seems like they’re throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. They’ve made some controversial changes, and now they’re bringing a new iteration to the Overwatch PTR.

First, they changed things so Mercy can’t just fly into the fray with Guardian Angel and resurrect her entire team, like Chips did several times during last weekend’s Overwatch Contenders Season 1 finals. Now, she has a single res with a long cooldown and extremely short range on her E key, and her ultimate ability is Valkyrie.

During Valkyrie, Mercy can straight-up fly, her gun does more damage, and her beams can bounce, much like a Shaman’s Chain Heal in WoW. Additionally, when you use Valkyrie, her res finishes its cooldown immediately and has a reduced cooldown — so in clutch situations, most players would res, immediately pop Valkyrie, then res again, and still get in an extra ‘free’ res at the end due to cooldown reduction. At least, that’s how Valkyrie works on live — the PTR is a different story.

In the latest PTR build, the devs are changing up the synergy with res and Valkyrie again. In this build, they’re giving a second charge of res when Valkyrie is used, hopefully making things less clunky. If you don’t use the extra res by the time Valkyrie expires, you lose the charge. However, the tradeoff is that the cooldown reduction of Resurrect during Valkyrie has been removed.

{PB}In the patch which initially changed her ult, her Guardian Angel was also changed to preserve momentum. As an example, sometimes when she got booped by Lucio, she would fly off the map. This was found to be a bug, as it also affected Lucio’s wall riding momentum, and has since been fixed. However, lots of Mercy players were upset it was reverted, as they felt this gave her more escape options — a valuable thing for such a squishy, prime target.

In this patch, the momentum preservation isn’t quite back in its old form, but she can now ‘slingshot’ herself with Guardian Angel, hopefully in a way that’s easier for players to predict and therefore play around. Mercy’s lack of escape and need for proximity to her team to heal make her a really juicy target in most situations, so a boost to her survival would also help her viability in the long run.

Blizzard took to the forums to discuss these changes — as well as some to Lucio’s speed boost — which you can read in full below:

Originally Posted by Geoff Goodman (Official Post)

Mercy can now get an unlock boost from her guardian angel by using the jump key. This unlocks you from your target and lets you fly past them for a little bit, and sort of use your target like a slingshot. This somewhat replicates some of the behavior the recent Mercy zero-air resistance bug caused, but in a way that is more consistent and with less buggy side effects.Valkyrie has also changed a bit, in regards to how it affects Resurrect. It no longer increases the range of res, it now instead gives you one free ‘charge’ of res that you can use any time during Valkyrie. I do not use this free res, it will be removed when Valkyrie ends. Valkyrie still no longer affects Resurrect’s cooldown directly now, but this method preserves some amount of ‘burst ressing’ when needed, while making it more flexible to use. For example, in the past if you want to res two targets with Valkyrie, you had to first res one target, then ult (causing the cooldown to reset), then res the other target. With this new change you can now hit Valkyrie first, fly in quickly and res two targets instantly.

However, overall this still reduces the overall numbers of Resurrects Mercy can provide since Valkyrie no longer reduces its cooldown.

We have also made some changes to Lucio’s speed boost when jumping off a wall to try to compensate for the super-boost bug fix that just went out. He now gets a more significant boost off a wall.

There is one more change to Mercy: Resurrect no longer resets the cooldown of Guardian Angel. This makes Resurrect more reasonable to fight against, since Mercy will now be slightly more vulnerable if she chooses to res someone in a bad position.
We’re still iterating on these changes, and any feedback you guys have would be great. Thanks.

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