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Discussion > WoWDec 6, 2017 8:00 am CT

Would you like to see level scaling used more?

In patch 7.3.5, Broken Shore-style level scaling will be implemented for all previous content, with the old-world Azeroth all scaling to a max of level 60, Outland and Northrend scaling to a max of 80, and Cataclysm content scaling with Pandaria up to level 90. Only Warlords content won’t be scaling with another expansion, and I suspect that’ll change once Battle for Azeroth is live, with Legion bundled to scale up to 110 with Warlords.

This isn’t being done in a haphazard way — nearly every zone has some sort of minimum level before you can start killing things at your leisure. For example, the Western Plaguelands will kick your butt until level 35 in order to keep you from completely losing the sense of danger when traversing through old content. The goal isn’t to remove that sense of danger, but rather to allow you to stay in a zone as you level instead of forcing you to leave before you’ve finished all the quests, as well as give you a bit more flexibility as to where you go next while you’re leveling. If you’re level 69, for example, you won’t have to leave Outland for Northrend. You can do either until you’re level 80.

But this has me wondering — could we just have Azeroth scale up to 110? Why can’t we just go back to Outland if we never finished a zone? Or would you miss being able to go to, say, Northrend and one shot the giants wandering around Howling Fjord whenever you want? Is it best to keep scaling under control like this, or should we let it go hog wild? What are your thoughts on how far it should be employed? I’m of the opinion that Azeroth should be bundled with Outland and Northrend, myself — still allowing you to go back and crush anything at level 110, but allowing you to run Azeroth content even when you’re level 77.

But what’s your take? How much scaling would be too much scaling?

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