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Discussion > WoWFeb 20, 2018 8:00 am CT

What zone stories do you love the most in WoW?

I’m currently leveling three Lightforged alts right now, and every single one of them has hit Duskwood. I keep doing Duskwood over and over again — I crack that zone open like a hyena on a bone so I can slurp up every bit of story it has to offer. Stalvan Mistmantle. Abercrombie, Mor’Ladim, Morbent Fel. I love every bit of it! When I’m finally done in Duskwood, I honestly feel a little disappointed. It’s just a well-done zone that hangs together very coherently, and I vastly prefer it to the surrounding zones. It’s not that Westfall or Redridge are bad, but neither is as good as Duskwood, in my opinion. Although, to be fair, I’ve done Westfall twice recently.

This got me wondering about how y’all feel about the game’s zones. Are you in love with Nagrand? Do you get a thrill every time you find yourself in the Jade Forest? Was Shadowmoon Valley your jam? Did you do Deepholm over and over again? Everyone likes different things in their storytelling — someone who hates Duskwood might well love the questing and storytelling in Northern Stranglethorn or the Southern Barrens, or even Feralas or Thousand Needles. There are a lot of zones in World of Warcraft, after all. I know some folks who just gushed about Stormheim or Val’sharah but hated Azsuna, and I’m on record as liking Highmountain quite a lot.

So share with us the zone which has the story to pull you back. What’s your favorite zone story? What quests in what zones keep you coming back long after you’ve done them repeatedly? I know it’s not Silithus. It’s never Silithus. Why do you think they jammed a giant sword there? Nobody cared about Silithus quests.

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