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Discussion > WoWMay 14, 2018 8:00 am CT

What sorts of benefits should toggling on world PVP with War Mode offer?

In one of the recent Battle for Azeroth beta builds, War Mode was added in all its glory. War Mode, for the unfamiliar, is the new approach to turning on world PVP. Essentially, if you enable War Mode, you’re on a PVP server. If you don’t, you’re not.

It’s a solid answer to non-PVP players who may have rolled on a PVP server for the sake of joining a guild or for the inverse PVE players who may have been wishing to PVP this whole time. However, the appearance of War Mode on the beta revealed that there’s a bit more to the system than simply enabling PVP. Namely, there’s currently a 15% experience buff for merely enabling War Mode. In addition, you also gain access to PVP talents — which have changed slightly in functionality — and have the opportunity to gain increased damage and healing, if you manage to kill enough of the enemy faction.

It’s a pretty enticing package, in all honesty. And that’s especially true since Battle for Azeroth’s leveling is going to take place in faction-specific continents. At least during the initial launch of the expansion, the chances of running into the enemy faction are pretty slim. But is it too enticing?

Trust me, I’m kicking myself for asking that, but it’s a valid question. At least, it’s valid for the initial launch of Battle for Azeroth. A few months down the line — and especially after enough time where flying can be earned — the current bonuses might seem absolutely fine. But right now, is 15% experience too much? Are PVP talents too strong?

Or is the opposite true — is 15% experience and access to PVP talents still not enticing enough for strictly PVE players to toggle on War Mode? Personally, it feels like a no-brainer during the first few weeks of the expansion to turn on War Mode. But I realize not everyone views PVP the way I do. So my question to all of you is, what are appropriate War Mode bonuses to you?

Is 15% experience too much? Too little? Should there be more than PVP talents available? What, in your mind, would make War Mode worth it — whether at launch or one year from launch?

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