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Breakfast Topic > DiabloJun 15, 2018 8:00 am CT

Should Diablo 4 have any returning classes at all?

Hear me out — what if Diablo 4 dropped with entirely new classes? Instead of any of the familiar ones, what if we got the Marksman, specializing in all manner of ranged weapons? Or the Myrmidon, who was a master of melee weapons and armor? The Arcanist who made deals with unsavory, even sometimes demonic entities for power enough to fight them on their own level? Or the Clerist, a religious figure who brought the light of hope and healing wherever they went?

I just made these up, but the fact is, we’ve gone from getting entirely new classes in Diablo 2 to Diablo 3, where the Monk returned from Diablo’s Hellfire expansion, the Barbarian returned from D2, and the Necromancer later returned as well. There were still new classes with Demon Hunters, Crusaders, Witch Doctors and Wizards, but every class in Diablo 2 was new.

Now, I love Barbarians and would miss them greatly if they weren’t here in Diablo 4. But just because I’d miss something doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good decision from a game design element. There are a lot of cultures and people in Sanctuary who haven’t gotten the same focus and who could provide unique classes for the game.

But at the same time, over the course of the past two decades, Diablo has come up with a lot of classes. Some are clear fan favorites. Could they do that again? Go back to the template from Diablo itself and reinvent a new melee fighter, ranged and caster archetype? Or maybe two for each, so we’d have a powerful strength based melee crusher, a quick and nimble melee striker, a ranged archer class, a magic based spellcasting asssassin, an AoE focused controller, and a conjurer who summons minions and unleashes them on their enemies? It feels doable to me.

What about you? Would you play a Diablo 4 that reinvented the wheel, or do you want Druids, Assassins and Paladins back?

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