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WoWJul 5, 2018 2:00 pm CT

You can get more (and better) rewards from Mythic+ chests in BfA

The clock is ticking — we’ll soon be in patch 8.0 and then, a month or so later, we’ll be playing Battle for Azeroth. As such, people are already focusing on what it’ll be like when we hit 120 — what we’ll be doing in the “endgame” as we inaccurately call it. I guess the “temporarily max level until the next expansion game” doesn’t flow so well.

But the folks at Wowhead have some information for us about Mythic+ dungeons in Battle for Azeroth. Specifically, they’ll be more rewarding than they are currently in Legion. You’ll still get an appropriate Mythic Keystone for the level of Mythic+ you’re running and an Azerite item for your Heart of Azeroth artifact, just as we get Artifact Power for our Artifacts in current heroics. But in the new expansion, you’ll also have a chance to get up to three items, instead of just the one when you get the chest at the end of your Mythic.

These aren’t guaranteed drops, mind — you might only get one item. But the chance to get more, up to three and including Azerite armor pieces is a great improvement for players who are primarily focused on Mythic+ progression. If you’re pushing 5 player content at the highest levels, it’s a nice reward for you.

The chest is pretty much the only way you’ll get Azerite armor pieces if you’re focused on Mythic dungeon content. Because of this, it’s weighted towards Azerite armor pieces and weapons over jewelry like rings, necklaces and trinkets. Note that weighted doesn’t mean guaranteed — you might still only get rings and be upset that you didn’t get that Azerite armor piece you need. But a better chance is an improvement, at least.

There are also apparently breakpoints that determine what level of Azerite armor pieces drop from the weekly chest. Starting Mythic dungeons and up to Mythic 3 give you ilevel 340 armor pieces, up to Mythic 6 grants ilevel 355, getting up to Mythic 9 will get you ilevel 370. If you hit Mythic 10 or higher, the chests will reward ilevel 385, the same item level as Mythic Uldir. Since there are no tier sets in Battle for Azeroth, there shouldn’t be any advantage to gearing up in raids vs. Mythic dungeons.

Overall it sounds like they’re trying to make Mythic dungeons remain at parity with raiding, which is a nice design goal. Only time will tell how it shakes out — Azerite armor only dropping from the weekly chest is going to end up feeling a bit like a choking point, in my opinion.

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