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What is your favorite move?

Every game has them, and every player has one they love. Sometimes you love them because they’re cool and flashy and powerful, and other times because when used right, they’re invaluable. Whether it be Brigitte doing a clutch Shield Bash to get back into the fight, a Barbarian using Whirlwind to burn down an entire room full of enemies, or your Warlock using her pets just right to save a dungeon run from being a wipe, we all have something we absolutely love to do in our favorite games.

For me, it’s probably the Heroic Leap/Charge/Heroic Leap triad. When properly talented and geared for it, a Warrior can become an absolutely terrifyingly annoying pinball of death, jumping out of combat only to charge right back in and then jumping right back out again. It’s a ton of fun and it frustrates people in PVP while also being great for staying out trouble in PVE. Death on the floor? Jump out! Floor safe again? Charge back in! Oh no, floor is death again? Jump back out again! It’s absolutely my favorite bit of gameplay in World of Warcraft.

But just because that’s my favorite doesn’t mean it’s yours. So what is it? Is it using Orisa’s Graviton Charge to keep a group clustered for a teammate to rain death on them? Is it when you’re playing Heroes of the Storm and you get a well timed Last Rites off on Malthael and absolutely ruin someone’s day? Do you love a well timed Zerg Rush, or just to absolutely explode an entire room full of demons using Vault on your Demon Hunter? What’s your favorite trick, your best use of your character’s abilities, your most clutch of clutch plays? What’s your favorite move?

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