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Discussion > WoWSep 20, 2018 8:00 am CT

How closely should each faction’s experiences mirror one another?

The other day, an interesting point was brought up in The Queue. One of the commenters pointed out the disparity between the requirements each faction must complete before unlocking their final story beat. Essentially, the Horde can complete Zandalar Forever! both before hitting 120 and without stepping foot inside a dungeon. Meanwhile, the Alliance must — in addition to several quests — run a Mythic dungeon to complete their equivalent.

In terms of more or less having the same requirements for both factions, well… it’s not really all that close. But y’know what? I think that’s perfectly fine.

I will say, it surprised me that you didn’t need to be level 120 to complete the Horde’s big finale. But outside of that, I’m actually a big fan of the factions having unique experiences that don’t have a one-to-one equivalent every step of the way. To me, it doesn’t just make playing a character on both sides more unique — it means the stories can feel more natural as well.

I’d rather Blizzard give us the experiences we have than have them try to shoehorn a Mythic dungeon into the Horde’s story progression. Heck, if a future story requires Horde players to run every dungeon and Alliance players to do a 15-minute solo scenario, I’d be fine with that too! Sure, that’s an extreme example — but if running those dungeons and completing that scenario made sense and strengthened the story’s presentation as a result? Completely worth it to me.

Going back (way, way) further, the Onyxia quest chains for Horde and Alliance back in Classic WoW were tremendously different. The Alliance’s was almost universally considered harder, but it also ended in one of the coolest, most iconic moments in the game’s history. Horde had nothing close to that final battle. And I think that made it feel that much more special.

I realize, however, that some players would rather Horde and Alliance’s experience mirror each other more closely. I’m curious how you all feel. Should each faction’s experiences match as closely as possible? Should there be some wiggle room but not as much as in the BFA stories? Or are you in my camp, totally happy with whatever makes for a better story?

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