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Discussion > WoWMay 3, 2019 8:20 am CT

What villain from any property would you add to World of Warcraft?

A good villain can make all the difference. Illidan and Arthas stand out as the high water marks in World of Warcraft’s expansions. There have been other “Big Bads” to tackle, but none have managed to stick in our memories as well as them. There was something about them, the perfect level of charm, menace, and threat that other expansions just couldn’t match. Deathwing wasn’t present enough — even though he spent a great deal of time burning random zones. Gul’dan never materialized as the standout threat that he could be, and we still haven’t seen the true enemy in Battle for Azeroth.

Whoever it ends up being is already set though —so what about for next expansion? Reader Sixthousand asked on our Discord and it was too good to pass up. The twist though — it can be a villain from any universe, not just Warcraft.

Instantly I started thinking of Disney, because who hears the word villain and doesn’t think of Disney? It can’t be Scar, his ambitions were fine, and regicide is definitely villainous, but he’s just a lion. Even if he were a very big lion, I think we’d be more than equipped to handle it. Jafar would make for a decent villain he’s got magic, a cool staff for raiders to fight over, and a suitably manicured goatee. He’s close, but not quite Warcraft enough. We need someone with a cool weapon, an impeccable sense of style, and that certain something to really make them stand out.

Enter Maleficent. She’s got it all, and she can turn into a dragon! That’s right in our wheelhouse! She’d be a natural fit for Azeroth and a formidable opponent for us. The last time we took a raid to fight a dragon was the very first fight in Legion — we’re overdue. Her showing up could finally spur the story involving the Black Dragonflight into gear. Wrathion would finally have a reason to come back into focus. Dragon Isles, here we come!

If I had to make a second choice, I would go with Sovereign from Mass Effect. Squid-like constructs that come from the darkest parts of space and have a knack for controlling peoples minds? That does sound familiar, I just can’t quite put my finger on why. The conversation you have with him in the first game is one of my all-time favorite gaming moments. Everything slots into place and you have your final mission. We’ve tangled with Titans and immortal demons, so we should be able to handle him. It wouldn’t be easy but I think the Goblins and Gnomes could come up with some way of making a dent.

How about you, who or what would you love to see as the next big bad in Warcraft?

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