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The Queue: We are our scars

Lately I think a lot about the passage of time and how each of us are essentially, and constantly, undergoing a process of being carved and sculpted by life, by time and our experiences. We start off unformed, with a whole life of possibility in front of us, but we move forward through time and as we do, we become as much what we didn’t do as what we did. We are what we’ve chosen, what we’ve experienced, what we become is the parts that were cut from us. The dreams we didn’t make real. The moments of loss, of goodbyes unsaid, of love left behind.

We make fun of Illidan sometimes for being a bit emo, but I think I am my scars was the most profound thing anyone’s ever said in World of Warcraft. We are what we’ve lost. Every moment that passes shapes us. We are made up of our choices, of the things we’ve done, and the things we didn’t do.

This is the Queue.

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