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Discussion > WoW ClassicJun 13, 2019 8:00 am CT

What quest from vanilla WoW was your favorite?

There were a lot of excellent quests in the old days of World of Warcraft. The Redpath/Darrowshire quests, Sully Balloo, the Quel’Serrar quests, Benediction/Anathema, so many more. For me, I think my absolute favorite was the Marshal Windsor questline that started in Blackrock Depths and ended up in Stormwind, as the dragon Onyxia was revealed and Bolvar Fordragon killed a lot of dragonkin. It even beats the quest to get the key to Upper Blackrock Spire and the quests that sent you to kill Kel’Thuzad and bring his phylactery to Father Inigo Montoy, which in no way backfired or ended badly for anyone.

But I know — because I am just one person and I forget things — that I am forgetting some humdingers here. The quests in Andorhal where Chromie starts trying to figure out who is messing with time. The Silithus quests involving the Twilight cultists and the Old Gods. Quests for legendary items like Sulfuras and Thunderfury, only one of which I managed to get back in those days. There were a lot of quests that had some superlative payoff, even if they were absolutely full of busywork and a ton of drudgery and escort nonsense — I’m looking at you, Hunter ancient leaf questline — to finally get across the finish line.

And even while you leveled, there were quests that stick in the mind. Being a level-1 Tauren and heading out to fetch water. Fighting Grell on top of Darnassus. Running into Redshire and getting a quest to kill a level-24 elite boar when you were level 19. So let us hear about all the quests we’re forgetting — what quests were your favorite from vanilla WoW?

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