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WoWJun 26, 2019 6:00 pm CT

Be still my Hunter heart: Oondasta and Horridon are now tamable

I’m going to need more stable slots. As of patch 8.2, Hunters are able to tame two famed Pandaria beasts: Oondasta from Isle of Giants and Horridon from Throne of Thunder. Want to tame either of these dinos? Here’s how.

Taming Horridon

Horridon is Tenacity pet and a Direhorn, so if you want to tame him, you need to be able to tame Direhorns. That means heading to the Isle of Giants on Pandaria and killing Trolls until one of them drops the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy.

Right click the tome to learn the secrets of Dinomancy and then you can head to the Throne of Thunder — Horridon is the second boss — and tame Horridon immediately. Any character Warlords of Draenor level and above should be able to solo the encounter just fine.

Remember, Horridon also drops a mount and a battle pet, which would make a great match to your new pet.

Taming Oondasta

Oondasta is Ferocity pet and a Devilsaur, which is considered exotic. This means only Beast Mastery Hunters will be able to tame him, but that’s not the biggest problem. While Horridon is in a raid dungeon where only you will see him, Oondasta is a world boss. Between Hunters trying to tame him and players who want the mount drop, you can expect a crowd.

This kind of tame is similar to the headache awaiting Hunters who want to tame the Sabertrons when they are up. It’s going to take a willingness on the part of everyone in attendance to let a Hunter tame Oondasta knowing they will have to wait 15 minutes for a respawn. As with any tame, it takes just one hit from anyone to break the tame — and if that happens you’ll not get it back.

It may be best to try early in the morning or late at night when there are few people online. If you want to be certain, grab a haste potion to speed up the process.

I really need more stable slots

The bigger problem is the lack of stable slots. The following families — in addition to Devilsaurs and Direhorns — have new tameable skins in patch 8.2: Crabs, Hydras, Lizards, Nether Rays, and Worms. I don’t know about you but I’ve filled all my stable slots and the five I currently carry. Almost every play session, I find an animal whose skin I’d love to have in my stable but I have no room.

New pets are always  fantastic news — I can see Oondasta in my stable with Thok the Bloodthirsty — but I won’t rush to get either because I just don’t have the room. I did a stable clean-out recently and I’m down to the pets I want to keep. Unfortunately, this is all of them. Hopefully, the next news we hear is that more stable slots coming.

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