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WoWJul 2, 2019 10:00 am CT

Here are some delightful, community-inspired ways to get to Soundless, the mount-dropping rare in Nazjatar

Floating up above the Coral Forest in Nazjatar is a rare Sky Ray named Soundless. Killing Soundless has a chance to drop the Silent Glider mount. This is a gorgeous Manta Ray of your very own to ride around on. Soundless can spawn on top of three different coral growths in the Coral Forest section. If you have a coordinates addon they are located at (53,42), (54,50), or (58,52). Unlike some of the other rares in Nazjatar, the only trick to Soundless is getting up on top of the large coral stalks where he spawns.

However, that’s a bit trickier than it sounds.

I’ve seen Soundless up a few times now, and every time I saw the same thing: people helping other people get up to the top. The days after a patch drops are my favorite time in World of Warcraft. You get to see the community come together and work toward figuring out puzzles while everything is still fresh. Watching these players working together I saw so many different ways of climbing the coral.

Here are a few of the methods that I saw being used to make it to the top. Demon Hunters seem like the clear winners — as usual — for getting up there, but lots of other classes have methods to help themselves and others out.

  • Deepcoral Pod — These pods give you a little extra jump in your step. They can be found growing on the side of coral in the forest. They feel like the intended method for getting up to Soundless.
  • Goblin Glider Kits — The Coral Forest has lots of places that you can climb to get the height necessary to land on the platform. I’ve even seen some players glide down from the rocks above the Horde camp of Newhome. Demon Hunter Glide, Druids with the Flap Glyph, or the Zandalari Pterrordax Swoop racial would also work for this.
  • X-52 Rocket Helmet and Gnomish Gravity Well — These will allow you to go straight up in the air. You’ll be high enough to get onto the platform, but you’ll still need something that moves you forwards in order to actually get onto it. The Gnomish Gravity Well also requires Gnomish Engineering to use, so it can be more limiting.
  • Swapblaster — If you have a really easy way of making it up but your friend just can’t seem to land the jumps, the Swapblaster is for you!
  • Jump-to-point abilities — Warriors, Rogues, and Vengeance Demon Hunters all have a way of leaping to a targeted place.
  • Midair-jump abilities — Druid Wild Charge, Demon Hunter Double Jump, Fel Rush, and Goblin Rocket Jump can both launch you a little way forwards while jumping. Use these after getting the extra height from Deepcoral Pods or Rocket Helmets for added benefit.
  • Gripping Abilities — Priests have Leap of Faith, and Death Knights have Death Grip. I witnessed a Death Knight who just challenged people to duels and yanked them up with Death Grip.
  • Shadowstep — Make sure that the person you’re Shadowstepping to is facing the right way, or you might just run off the edge again.

I’m sure I’ve missed a whole bunch of other ways to get up there, so let me know if there’s anything you can think of. In a few weeks when more players have flying, these won’t be as necessary. Hopefully, the community camaraderie continues with rides in flying passenger mounts. It’s always great seeing players work together.

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