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WoWJul 19, 2019 10:00 am CT

How to find Neptulian Clams in Nazjatar if your follower quest is getting phased

Neptulian Clams happen to be the objective of one of the daily follower quests, Most Delicious Clams. You’ll only see this quest if you have Bladesman Inowari or Poen Gillbrack as your follower for the day, and even then it’s random and depends on the quest rotation.

The quest is started by Tracker Otaru or Sardina Lauray. They are located in the north part of Nazjatar, on either side of the pool that sits directly below the Gate of the Queen, in the same area where you get to the Eternal Palace raid. This pool is called the Abyssal Pool, and for good reason. It’s filled with creepy, Old God ambiance and fish that look a lot like the N’Zoth fish that spoke to Azshara.

Luckily for all you intrepid adventurers, the Abyssal Pool where the quest NPCs are sitting is also where the Neptulian Clams are located. The clams are underwater, deep inside the pool, sitting on ledges all up and down the steep walls and at the bottom floor. They’re located relatively close together and aren’t difficult to get to.

How to find them if phasing is giving you trouble

Now, the caveat — because there’s always a caveat in Nazjatar. If you’re having trouble finding the clams, it may be due to a phasing bug. One way to fix it is by completing What Will It Lure? if you have it in progress, since it phases you as soon as you enter the water and makes the clams vanish. If that doesn’t work or if you’re not on the quest, it could be due to a bug with War Mode. Wowhead commenters found that the clams just wouldn’t show up in War Mode. Turning War Mode off and going back to the quest area fixed the phasing and made the clams appear.

Once you have it working, the most important part of the quest is to make sure you use the Rift Diver item that comes with it. It gives you underwater breathing and faster swimming speed so you can zip all over the pool. The only thing you have to worry about are the creepy hostile fish that swim around inside the pool, but I have managed to complete the quest without aggroing a single mob just by staying to the edges. It’s not that they’re dangerous — they’re actually simple to kill — but not engaging them makes the whole thing faster so you can go off to do more important things.

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