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Discussion > Off TopicJul 30, 2019 12:00 pm CT

What video game(s) have you beaten more than once, and why?

Nowadays, it’s hard to find video games that actually end. Sure, a game like World of Warcraft was always designed with no real “end” in mind — but more and more, it feels like games that used to have a clear end are offering ways to keep you returning day after day. But every now and then, a game comes along that has a pretty clearly defined ending. Sometimes, the game may have multiple endings — but it still does end. There’s a way to look back at the game and say, “I have 100%’d this game. I have seen everything it has to offer.”

And sometimes, those games are still worth replaying and seeing everything all over again from the beginning. In some cases, it was just so fun that you wanted to do it all over again. In others, it’s because you want to see the story play out differently. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Blizzard Watch is a pretty big fan of BioWare games. Multiple staff members have played Mass Effect and Dragon Age multiple times over. Why? Both because they like the story and because they want to see what happens when they choose X instead of Y.

Now, for my part, I rarely go back and replay a game I’ve played before, even if it does have different storylines. I would like to know about those stories, mind you — but I prefer to spend my free time on a completely new game. Despite that fact, there are a few games I’m drawn to time and time again. For example, as a kid, I had to delete 100% files from Super Mario 64 because I already had four fully complete files and I needed to make room for yet another playthrough. Nowadays, I’ll return to (the admittedly short) Star Fox 64 even as an adult. I’ve played that once so much that I know pretty much every voice line at this point.

So whether it’s because you want to see other sides of the story or simply because you loved the game so much, I ask you — which games have you replayed, and what made them worth replaying?

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