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WoWDec 23, 2019 6:00 pm CT

Everything we know about the Night Fae Covenant in WoW Shadowlands

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The Night Fae are one of four Covenants we’ll be meeting in Shadowlands, and they have a definite Druidic vibe. But though it might be tempting to consider this the realm of Druids, there are reasons for all classes to consider the Night Fae their Covenant.

So let’s examine the Covenant to see what’s available. Remember, not everything about the Covenant has been announced, but this is everything we currently know.

Who are the Night Fae in WoW Shadowlands?

The Night Fae zone is Ardenweald, which is considered a mirror to the Emerald Dream. While the dream is green and reflects spring and summer, Ardenweald is shades of blues and silver and reflects autumn and winter. It;s meant to represent the cycle of hibernation, death, and rebirth, and that’s what defines the Night Fae.

In Shadowlands, the machine of death is broken, and Ardenweald is feeling the the loss of souls more acutely than any other zone. The Winter Queen rules over the Night Fae, and as the zone suffers, she’ll have to make a choice on which parts of Ardeneald will continue to flourish and which will wither away permanently. The Drust, whom we met in Kul Tiras, have been spreading their withering influence here, and I anticipate quests will focus on aiding these fading areas and eliminating Drust influences so Ardenweald can heal.

What are the Night Fae Abilities in WoW Shadowlands?

Night Fae members receive movement and combat enhancements. The movement ability is called Soulshape. At the beginning, you’ll turn into a spirit fox capable of a 30% movement speed increase which causes enemies to ignore you for 10 seconds. But the ability may evolve as we advance: we’ve also seen glimmerfly and stag Souldshapes, but we don’t know how we’ll get them. The best part of this shape shifting ability is that you can keep it indefinitely if you are in a rest area, such as the city of Oribos.

At present, only two classes have combat abilities revealed:

  • Death Knights get Death’s Due. This is an area of effect attack which causes the ground to wither. Enemies within this area take nature damage. The DK then drains power from each enemy, reducing their damage done by 10 and increasing the DK’s strength by 80 for 10 seconds. Yet another, “Don’t stand in that” circle.
  • Mages get Shifting Power. This draws power from the ground beneath you for 3 seconds turning it into Nature damage to your enemies and a 5% haste increase to you for the next 15 seconds.

Other classes will have abilities which are not yet announced.

What are the Night Fae Soulbinds in WoW Shadowlands?

When you choose a Covenant, you will also be able to create a Soulbind with a member of your Covenant. This will giving you access some of their powers via a talent tree, sort of like how our Artifact Weapon and Heart of Azeroth worked.

The Soulbinds for the Night Fae haven’t been announced, unfortunately. We do know that one of the heroic NPCs we’ll meet in Ardenweald is Cenarius, so it’s likely we’ll meet more Druids — and possibly a Soulbind among them.

What are the Night Fae armor sets in WoW Shadowlands?

Each Covenant will get special armor and cloak appearances. For Night Fae, the pieces we’ve seen so far have the same blue color palette and fluid lines you see in Ardenweald itself. The cloak — which we’ve only seen concept art for — resembles butterfly wings. The plate armor set, above, is the only armor set revealed so far, but expect a similar aesthetic for other armor types.

In addition to these armor sets, Night Fae will have a special mount and battle pets — which also haven’t been revealed.

You’ll pick your Covenant at level 60, which should give you enough time to journey through all four zones and assess which Covenant best suits what you want to do in Shadowlands. While we don’t know much about the Night Fae, if other classes get haste or the ability to tap into nature’s restorative powers while doing damage, this might be an attractive Covenant for healers. I would definitely give it good consideration if Hunters are given a decent haste buff.

But for now, we can only speculate on the bulk of the Night Fae’s powers.

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