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WoWDec 27, 2019 10:00 am CT

Everything we know about the Necrolord Covenant in WoW Shadowlands


As we journey through Shadowlands we encounter Covenants, special alignments you’ll choose to ally with, tied to specific zones. In this article, we’ll examine the information we have on the Necrolords. Hailing from Maldraxxus, this Covenant is considered the military and protects the Shadowlands. The aesthetic borrows heavily from necromancers and their laboratories — skulls and bones, the undead, rampant fungal growths — think Eastern Plaguelands on steroids. That’s Maldraxxus, and the Necrolords tap into this deadly energy to weed out anyone they deem not worthy.

Who are the Necrolords in WoW Shadowlands?

The leader of the Necrolords has vanished mysteriously and in his absence, five Necrolords are vying to take over the vacant position. Each Lord is building an army from the souls brought to Maldraxxus, but no one knows whether these armies will defend the Shadowlands or attack each other. What happens to the defenses of the Shadowlands if their squabbling becomes an all-out war?

This could lead one to consider the Necrolords to be evil. That’s not exactly the case. They are power-driven. They are single-minded in obtaining power and all power — mental, emotional, and physical — is valued. They only want those who will serve absolutely and without question. I expect to be questing for each of the aspirant Necrolords and adding to their respective armies, as well as removing those deemed unworthy.

What are the Necrolord Abilities in WoW Shadowlands?

Each Covenant gets a movement and combat ability. With the Necrolords, the movement ability is called Transcend the Flesh. You’ll separate your soul from your body. You soul is invisible and untargetable. Your body, however, is not. Your can move up to 60 yards from your body. When the spell ends or is canceled, your soul rejoins the body. I can see this having exceptionally good use when you want to explore some place you’re not sure of. Can I get to the object of this quest without being torn asunder? Cast Transcend the Flesh and have a look about.

In the combat ability, only Death Knights and Mages have their abilities revealed so far. For DKs, you get Abomination Limb. You’ll sprout an additional limb for 8 seconds which does shadow damage every 2 seconds to the nearest enemy. If your enemy happens to be more than 5 yards from you, you’ll yank them to your location.

Mages get Contagion Bolt. This bolt starts as a single target spell, dealing shadow damage to your target. For the next 8 seconds, every time you single target that enemy, they will splash shadow damage to any nearby enemy. The range for the spell is 40 yards.

What are the Necrolord Soulbinds in WoW Shadowlands?

Soulbind is the new talent we will be using in Shadowlands. We bind ourselves to a specific NPC from the Covenant we choose. With this ability, we receive benefits from that hero as we journey about Shadowlands. We’ll be able to change abilities as situations warrant based on a talent tree-style window. It’s another variation of the Artifact Weapon in Legion and our necklaces and Essences in Battle for Azeroth.

We don’t know about any denizen who might be in Maldraxxas to whom we can tie our Soulbind ability. Might we meet Arthas? What about Raz Frostwhisper? The liches we have encountered over the years seem to be prime candidates for inclusion in the Necrolords. What about Mal’Ganis? I’m leaning toward a sharing of shadow, poison, and frost damage abilities with our denizen.

What are the Necrolords armor sets in WoW Shadowlands?

Unlike other Covenants, not a lot has been provided about the Necrolords. We do know their plate armor is black with green spikes. It’s very Death Knight-ish. I would expect other armor sets to utilize black and green along with the purple and gold of warlock bosses.

We don’t know what the mounts or battle pets for the Covenant will look like. Concept art shows the cloak design to be a tombstone with candles and chains. At level 60, you’ll be able to pick this Covenant and start severing your soul from your body.

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