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Discussion > WoWFeb 24, 2020 8:00 am CT

What race/class combinations does WoW still not have that you want?

For me there are quite a few race/class combos that World of Warcraft has never embraced that I’ve always wanted. First up, Druids are really just painfully restrictive — even though we have more Druid options than ever, with Kul Tiran and Zandalar Druids bringing the total up to seven with Alliance having three of those races and Horde having four. I feel like for parity’s sake, the Alliance should get Gnome Druids. And I’m not saying this because I think Gnome Druid forms would be amazing — although I do — but because it’s weird that there are more Druids on the Horde side than the Alliance side.

However, seriously, I want to see Gnome Druid forms so bad. Would they be partially mechanical? That would be weird and awesome.

When we got Allied Race Death Knights, I started really thinking about class and race restrictions that don’t make sense to me. You’re telling me that Orcs can be stealthy, but Tauren and Draenei can’t? And don’t give me the “They have hooves” excuse — I’m not buying it. Just like I’m not buying that Forsaken can be Holy Priests but not Paladins, or that Humans still haven’t figured out Shamanism when Kul Tiran Humans have, or that Lightforged Draenei can’t be Monks. I mean, come on, the whole idea of an ascetic monastic order screams Lightforged.

So then, I’m curious about which of these combinations y’all want. Now that everybody can be a Warrior or a Death Knight, why can’t Gnomes be Druids? Why can’t Forsaken be Paladins? What combinations am I missing that would make a lot of sense, like Nightborne Demon Hunters maybe? (I’m not saying I want that one, but you could certainly make a case of them.) If Blood Elves can be Paladins, why can’t Void Elves?

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