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DiscussionAug 14, 2020 8:00 am CT

What makes you feel like a badass when you’re playing games?

Standing toe-to-toe with a boss is my favorite thing in all of WoW. It wasn’t always this way — I’ve only started to tank in the last few expansions. But I quickly realized why I loved doing it so much. It makes me feel like the biggest badass in the group. I’m not saying that it isn’t satisfying to be the Mage who’s got a giant Combustion obliterating that swarm of cultists that just joined the fight — or the Holy Priest who just life-gripped their friend out of the torrent of dragon fire that was about to singe them to a crisp. But for me, I feel best in the thick of combat.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s even a raid group around me at the beginning of fights. As a tank, I’ll be farther up than the other players, and I’ll be the first thing the boss takes a swing at. That is, assuming that one Rogue doesn’t jump the gun on the pull. I think we all know one of those Rogues — they’re the one that’s always looking to augment their damage any way they can. From the pull, it only gets better. I love the opportunity to intercept some extra monsters headed toward a healer or help to soak a mechanic that’s going to annihilate one of your squishy damage dealing players, and I’m in heaven.

I’m the same way in Heroes of the Storm. I love playing Yrel because she can leap in with Avenging Wrath and swing her giant hammer, knocking back the Butcher who was about to eat your poor defenseless Murky. It’s also just exceptionally satisfying to get a kill by jumping on other people’s heads.

What about you? Are you the Mage who’s practicing their rotation obsessively to get the best possible damage out of your cooldowns? Do you love to solo raid bosses before everyone else? Are you trying to run the highest Mythic Keystones possible? Or are you the healer who will put everything on the line to save their group? Let me know below!

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