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Diablo > DiscussionAug 18, 2020 8:00 am CT

What double-up would you like to see in future Diablo 3 seasons?

During Season 20 of Diablo 3, we revisited Season 14’s theme of double goblin delight. Mid-Season 21, the devs graced us with double bounty chests along the lines of the Season 15 theme. This trend of theme throwbacks is relatively new, but it does have me wondering what other doubles could we see, and will we enjoy them?

First, it’s pretty essential to note that themes are relatively new as an inclusion to the D3 seasons. Season 14 kicked this concept off as the Season of Greed with the aforementioned double goblin spawns. The Season of Greed was followed by the Boon of the Horadrim in Season 15, granting us the current double bounty chests. However, Season 16 was the Season of Grandeur, where every player benefited from a buff akin to the Ring of Royal Grandeur’s legendary power: “Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2).”

That’s where the doubling trend kind of falls apart in terms of pre-existing D3 seasonal themes. You can’t necessarily “double-up” with meta themes. But what you can do is stack a meta theme with another unique bonus. In considering the double-up, we’re looking at two things: where the devs double something (goblin spawns or Horadric caches), and where they stack two seasonal themes together (Boon of the Horadrim and Trials of Tempests). And that’s where the ideas start to take off. The devs can continue to revisit useful bonuses mid-season, like the Ring of Royal Grandeur buff. We also have the potential for more doubles: double Primal Ancient drops, double legendary gem drops at the end of a Greater Rift (leading to more augment fodder), or (not my favorite) double gold.

I’m not sure there’s necessarily a “right” way to continue this concept, or if it’s something we’ll even continue to see in the future seasons. After all, Blizzard extended the Winds of Wisdom buff in World of Warcraft to the Shadowlands pre-patch, which hopefully has helped a lot of people stuck at home during COVID-19. Including the double goblins and double caches in Seasons 20 and 21 could be a way to keep the community happy while quarantining. Alternatively, they could be a way for Blizzard to bolster somewhat lackluster seasonal themes without significant changes.

I’m curious — what combo theme(s) would you like to play? What double-up would keep you showing up? How do you want to see Diablo 3‘s dev team treat the seasons moving forward?

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