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WoWSep 28, 2020 10:00 am CT

Spear of Rethu transmog available from Legion Archaeology this week

Looking for something quick to do in the waning days of Battle for Azeroth? Looking for new transmog or to finish an achievement? All this can be done this week as the Spear of Rethu Legion Archaeology quest is up for Highmountain. It took me 90 minutes start to finish with a friend tagging along for fun. You also do not need to have leveled Archeology or have any desire to do it beyond completing this item. Let me tell you how it’s done.

Step 1:  Go to Things of the Past in New Dalaran. Talk to Dariness the Learned. She has the starter quest, History of Highmountain.

Step 2:  Fly to Thunder Totem in Highmountain and talk to Lessah Moonwater. She needs to train her apprentice, Luron, but she’s way too busy. Perhaps he could go with you to learn how to do digs. Take the quest Surveying Student.

Step 3:  Take your apprentice-calling whistle and head out into Highmountain to dig sites. Once you’re at a dig site, use your whistle to summon Luron. We won’t mention how many digs we conducted before realizing Luron wasn’t with us. You need to do 20 digs with Luron out. For me, this amounted to two and a half sites cleared.

I’ve been using this time to finish some old achievements including No Stone Unturned. The dig sites you clear for the quest will count toward finishing this achievement. Sometimes quests override these kinds of achievements so I’m happy to report this does not.

Step 4:  Go back to Lessa, and she’ll send you into Neltharion’s Lair for the spear artifact.

It gets mentioned in quite a few comments so it bears repeating here. You must kill Dargrul. It seems people have grabbed the spear and left the instance without killing him and then wonder why they can’t turn in the quest. The spear will be against the rock to the right in this photo. I grabbed the spear before killing him. At level 120, it’s a breeze to run through the dungeon.

Step 5:  Return to Lessa and turn in the spear. In return, she gives you the Spear of Rethu.

It was able to be upgraded twice. It’s considered an heirloom and because it’s account bound, if you are leveling a polearm user through Legion content, it could still be useful to them. Heirloom bonuses go away come the Shadowlands pre-patch, so this will be just another pole arm, although the account-bound feature will be nice.

It counts toward the achievement A Keen Eye, which is to find a collection of rare archeology items in The Broken Isles. This is the final part of a trilogy of achievements beginning with Surveying the Land, followed by This Side Up. If you’re working on these achievements, the common artifacts you crate as you work can be used as currency to buy shards for a number of races. I’m behind in Draenor archeology so I’m using my crates to purchase those shards. I’m slowly filling out my Draenor archeology finds that way.

This is how to do get this spear. At 120, it was fast and fun to do.

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